When my word is Slow and Wild and I greet you with a Happy Christmas







As Christmas approaches we consider and mark Advent as we lead up to the time we remember Jesus birth. For some of us we experience a sense of Gods presence all the time where the knowledge and historical value tie up with our daily encounter of Emmanuel, God With Us.

Christmas gives us all a time to reflect, particularly in the approaching days as we take time to linger over the many aspects of the story of Jesus arrival in this world and to think again over his relationship with us.

I am reading this advent  my copy of – The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. a book that offers a devotional journey in the bible .

The words which are carrying me through advent are these from her book;

This waiting, your art  — mark it.

Each day I am thinking how I do that.

How I can linger over a lit candle, how I can notice a robin sing in my garden. How I can see the scripture I read works a fresh perspective into my life. By marking it, I am noticing it. I feel this wording in Ann’s  book and the way my soul is drinking it in resonates with my word slow. My deliberate act of noticing.

A Light that brings perspective. A light that brings love. A light that brings mystery.

A light that brings colour and purpose to life.




I discuss my word with you.  One which I will carry into 2018. A word for my forthcoming season. One can look at this with a year view. Yet it is as though God is already sowing something inside of me through these words. I wait not. I listen and walk right in.

My slow and wild.

Edging on the sacred and desire to know God and explore my creativity, because there is no blur or separate inside us. We’re whole, mind, body, soul, sacred, holy, worshipping, upside down kingdom living people.

I’m exploring this in the routine of my day. In my reading and in my attempts at photography. My longing to see in the present, His presence. To slow. To consider.

Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight, spoke this word slow in her interview with Heather Stillufsen of Rosehill Designs. Emily said,

Slow down. We are so lucky to have digital cameras and we can take so many more images than we ever could in the days of film. But it can make us lazy. Take time to slow down and really think about the photograph you are taking. Why are you taking it? Think about that for few seconds. This will help you to frame your image better, to move into the right position and will result in a much better image.

The slow in our lives is a deliberate act that helps us walk through our project, our vision, our passion with more care.

Pete Greig, best selling author, pastor and instigator of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, shared on social media the above quote, the words – ‘ to trust in The Slow work of God’, rang true in a season of waiting to know the next step.



Weekly I attend a Pilates group.

Following the correct breathing we are reminded by our teacher, again and again, to do the breathing correctly, inhale and exhale, this helps my slowing and enables me to flow into good smooth movement and posture.

In the same way in my daily living I am learning to take a deliberate decision to change my route or pattern or way of doing things. I focus on the important. I slow. Unhurried moving forward is a better caring  way to view our world.

In worship one Sunday morning I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to use prayer as my ministry for a certain person. My default was, “what can I DO!”  The whisper in the midst of tears came clear.  Pray.

I found this quote which I discovered on Instagram, using a beautiful portrait photo I bring the  two wonderful works of art together.

Photo by Hannah Bursing

Deeply there is a need to know we are chosen, even, yes, delighted in. We hold a place of worth born out of redemption at the cross of Calvary.

When I recognise my own self slipping into a feeling of condemnation and striving. I see a glimpse right there of a Saviour that speaks in those words. Do not strive, slow, mark it, break the power of this hold on you. Slow, learn of me. Find the dare and wild in you that allows you to do it different, feel it different. My slow and wild.

In that slow and wild place I dare to stop! Listen.

Know that prayer is the most powerful place I can intercede for any person.

Perhaps our affirmed identity will enable us to slow, not rushing to prove anything, but offer the world our considered outlook. One measured approach.

This is my year of learning, to implement my skill in this way in a loud and fast world my heart needs to learn to slow and quiet.

I look forward to unpacking and facing the adventure my word offers as we step into  2018.

Let us mark the events of the coming weeks with our candles and our gifts and our hearts filled with peaceable joy that comes from inner desire, for more of the Christ in us.

Immanuel. God with us.


Great beginnings wrapped in a babe in swaddling clothes.

This Slow and Wild is an adventure indeed.

Have a wonderful Hope filled Christmas dear friend.

Find time to slow and embrace the season of waiting. Find this in beautiful, fresh, wild  ways this season.

Thank you for your company.

Love Rach x



Note -Thank You to Unsplash community for the use of your amazing photography.





Kindness is the new black 

I love words particularly if they are poetic. A run on line, onomatopoeia. Ann of Green Gables with her lake of shining waters . And valley of white lace. It’s memorable and beautiful. 

I learnt scripture through reading and hearing the Authorised Version of the bible , the King James with its Thee and Thou. 

So many verses to me are still preferred in this translation. 

Accepted in the beloved.  Is not improved on. 

The Message is poetic with great language so I enjoy the language of it all. 

Recently I went to Leeds where I attended the Cherish Conference.

We were blessed with great speakers and worship leaders. During the talks I’m always poised with iPhone and notes open ready for the words that speak to me. 

Darlene Zschech led the session, It is well with my soul. 

The words that I typed into my notes were, Kindness is the new black. It’s a hashtag too!! Musing about this I considered the meaning and concept of this phrase. We were encouraged to be sure if what we believe and deliver kindness. Bringing our presence to anything or anyone means we bring Christ too. 

Throughout the conference two things were prominent to me one was He is the Glory and the lifter of my head and secondly we were to live intentionally. 

Intentionally is a favourite word of mine anyway. One of my favourite hashtags is #alifeofintention. 

Kindness is the beautiful gift we can bring to our world . The Holy Spirit Orchard fruit. It’s in us. We need to carry it to others to be Kingdom People. 

Kindness is being generous and considerate. Thoughtful. Intentional with those whom we are with. 

Fruits are evident. Kindness is God inspired. Kindness can come about because we are intentional with the Lord Jesus. We live a life of intimacy, integrity and expectation. 

Grace is an expression of kindness. The best is seen at the cross in the kindness and cruelty of the cross. Grace thrown over us because we fail at kindness but we keep rising again to live it out and spill it over into others. 

The Voice version speaks it out; kindheartedness, joy, peace, self control. 

The black being the essential peice. Kindness expresses itself in love being the tool to live intentionally for God. 

It glorifies and transforms ugly into value and worth. 

Know kindness, the cake that says I care, the considerate way we conduct ourselves benefitting others and enriching their lives. 

Daily I exchanged a glance with a pretty lady in a wheelchair, we smiled with our faces and our eyes. The kindness exchanged filled me with hope. 

Kindness is the new black. 

Be a prayerful paying forward of kindness,  wearing it like the essential peice it is. Be filled up to scatter it about you like glittering twinkling stars. 

Wear the kindness you will rise in the giving. 

Kindness was loved over you. 

God is good, come before Him intentionally on purpose. Wearing the new black as you step into your day.  

Kindness Matters

Kindness is the new black 

Love Rach x 🖤

Ephesians 4:32 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
Ephesians 4:32 Amplified

And become useful and helpful and kind to one another, tenderhearted (compassionate, understanding, loving-hearted), forgiving one another [readily and freely], as God in Christ forgave you.