Intentional LivingĀ 

I read a tweet by the author Shauna Niequist. Her essence was let’s do less social media and do more presence work. This captured my thinking and challenged it. 

Mostly the young folk get addicted. Mostly the young folk pay attention to social networking sites. 

As I watched my habit and affirmations of likes I recognised that this need for favour sat heavily on me. 

In the quiet corner of the library you’ll find me there. In the ones and twos you’ll see me there. In the solitary and pen I’ll hunt out the notepad and park. 

If you want to talk over the phone, I’ll make myself scarce. 

Find me a camera and sunrise, the opening cord to the day or a closing symphony as lights dim and a golden glow floods the world with spectacular aura. 

Slow up the world let it dream of beauty not shame, joy not sorrow, transformation not death. Bring some uniqueness and contemplation. Hush the judges and betrayers. Bring the artist to the table. Let her share her art without condemnation. Let her sculpt her craft and be who she is meant to be. 

Let her song of love be the birdsong to someone’s heart. Let the fragrance of her garland surround another, bringing colour and essence of joy, being peace to the mind so desperately needed. 

Script by @ hollyjoyholt

When she seats herself on a chair to declare a truth and make a difference in the world, let her radiate the Christ. To the child of God who cannot see, to the man for whom life is too much. To the dying and the confused. Don’t give up on the one who needs you most   

Rise up into a new day. Rise and rest into a closing day. Rise to be loved. Rise because you are lifted and guided to a light that is beyond space and time. 

Be light. Be His light. Shattering shame with truth and liberty. 

Be yourself and let that be transparent in all its complexities and uniqueness. 

Don’t be afraid. Be you. Be the change that’s needed where you are in your street, in your coffee shop, in your world. 

Be intentional. Be intentionally you. 

Be present. Be the listener. Be the best carrier in your world, offering Hope clothed in humility that extends the arm of care. Right there inside your people.

Live intentionally don’t be crushed, be beautifully you in the life you’re living. 

Amen šŸ’

The books I read to my childrenĀ 

… and how they speak to me now. 

Two boys were born from my womb into this world.

As a nurturing lady I loved the feeding and the bath fun and then the clean pyjamas and the book

A favourite that still is in my possession is, We're going on a bear hunt.

The refrain that was read again and again. The opening of pages together and the repeat. The cycle of sharing books continued with the grandsons. 

Should it be the biggest surprise then that the words are planted in my head!

Deeper still the words are found in my mind as I experience the hills and valleys of life of growing older. Losing loved ones. A nana , mum, dad and friends.  

Words shared with the little ones back then echo at a deeper level with a profound message that repeated its refrain,

You can't go under it, you can't go around it, you have to go through it. 

The truth is a kiss that says you can do this journey, you can go through it. Brave and fearfulness still grip the soul of me. Yet the firm foothold on the grit of the road step after step knowing avoidance is not how to do this. Its the steadfast hope looming for the bigger dream. A God dream. God-colours. I'm walking with a firmer step now. The journey through offerslight vibrant not grey. Distinctive. 

The next book is so very tiny. It offers a joy to read and the pictures are a delight.

Can't you sleep little bear?

The light in this story is never quite enough. A bigger lantern is brought in to create a better experience and eradicate the dark.

Stepping out to the moon offers the real experience. A full moon fills the whole being with light. 

Contentment brings rest. Light becomes enough. Oh the beauty of a child's story. The dark all around can be troublesome and frightening, yet how we are healed and restored as we experience the best of lights. A beauty and a wonder at the chromatography of God inside us. We can be so aware of our darkness about our world. Look up there's a bigger light and a illumination in the Christ who brings the Light to us. 

Grace instead of a hammer that knocks us back and makes me cower. Greater Grace. I'm only just touching the surface of it. The Love of it. The hand in my journey through and the Light beaming its best redemptive story into my world. 

I know Jesus has it covered . 

I've just to trust. 


Rach x

About Pink ļ»æPetals and GriefĀ 

Gazing.  She ponders.  Takes in her view. 

She’s excited to hold the present in her hands. 

This particular moment smiles inside her heart. 

Pink petals circle around her feet.  God’s love kisses her. 


The burning bush moment

He is serving joy in her grief. 

He, the throned Eternal serves. 

Dances the spin of blossom falling. 

Lifting her heart as she breathes Friday’s sharp spring air! 

Ann Voskamp writes in her blog on platforms –

You will most deeply find yourself when you find yourself serving others ā€” and looking up into the face of God.

My moment of Holy ordinary wonder, where encircled in beauty of fallen pink tiny petals, I’m spent with gratitude.  She holds joy which outwardly lets joy dance though she is so very still and very small inside.  The capture only holds her moment.  She’s delighted He holds her for more than a moment, because no one else can hold her like this.

Beauty ministers deep into the heart that sees the world so torn, such brokenness and so much confusion.

Like the sparrow and the flowers and the supper.  Provision is prepared for us. 

Step in time with grief.

Hold out the bread and wine. 

Encourage the supping and belief. 

Inspired to rise

The blogger talks of lowering not rising. 

To rise, I humbly offer myself to the beautiful and Holy moments that fly like the wind and dissipate into dew and sunshine.  A new day.

Another prayer. 

A sacrifice of slowing and letting go. 

A hand holding a mug of coffee sips and whispers the words for her sister who cannot see and life overwhelms her. 

She understands this.  Her eyes often cannot see either. 

We hold each other’s hands the dark not offending us.

We journey together. 

Extravagant grace extended to us both. 

We need and grasp it. 

We pray it into others lives too. 

We are we.  As the trinity showed us to be. 

George Cibu
Grief it seems as some may ask, gets hold of my being.  Grief is life.  It is offering and departure, it is betrayal and the thing that stops your breathe awhile.  It’s okay.  She feels things so deeply.  The smallest loss is known.

So grief is on this journey too.  The thing I want to say the most inside these notes, is it’s okay and she’s never alone. 

Her vulnerability brings honesty, accountability and authenticity to the world. 

Life’s grief and its sadness comes alongside joy and dancing and petals falling. 

Grief is life.  I’m sure C.S.Lewis must have a quote there somewhere? 

Fellowship of suffering. 

All shall be well. 


Rach x

Thank You šŸ’

Thank you to the artists whose inspirational words and amazing art I share in this blogging space. 


Determination is not her first ‘go to’ word the would be part of a short list to describe herself. 

Yet, she did posses the tenacity to endure. 

After all she has climbed her mountain this far . 

The long list of losses and even longer of pain and failure. These demonstrated her endurance in the race that’s life. 

I’ve climbed a few mountains in my life . Snowdon.  Ben A’an. A Munro in the Scottish Grampians! It may have been Driesh. 

There’s a photo in the archives!

The great thing about accomplishing the climb is how amazing you can feel . I love walking outside in open spaces the exhilaration of that is great but a climb brings something more. 

Feelings often fight the battle to complete the gutsy task ahead whatever that might be. Persistence is keeping the focus to achieve the end goal. Whether it’s the pile of dishes or the essay or the longer haul of caring or teaching your child. We all need the gift of a tenacious spirit in the challenges we face . Bravely bearing our burdens for that season. 

To borrow the phrase used in the book by Erin Loechner called Chasing Slow’ we need to ‘remove the weight from our wings’. That is a resource we need to learn about to survive. Let’s learn it. Throwing out the stuff that weighs our soul down and finding out the tools that help us fly. 

Examen is a daily practice that’s my slow at the end of the day. The method has evolved.  Its practiced in the evening with a pencil and note pad the etching of the lead unto white pages slows the hurry. Speaks my heart deep and true. 

etching of the lead unto white pages slows the hurry.
The thing that’s vital,  be it a deep breathe or a writing purpose is we do it in accordance with our soul. 

It’s a process. Be resolute in the attention you give to yourself and your soul need . 

It’s your journey. You will walk it. Fill it up full of the goodness of God . 

Love, mercy and kindness bring help mates to this life as you seek to remain steadfast to often unknown routes. 

Don’t give up. 

Let the strong tenacious spirit spiral up daily to achieve the end goal – completion as ordained by our creator Saviour and Lord. 

This girl can! Keep pushing through you will get there.

Shaped By Design

He begins a tradition 

Gathers a date 

We meet to be quiet. A retreat. 

Mother and son. 

After the restless feet slow 

a book and a prayer and the sunshine warmth help to calm a busy mind 

We talk 

Of life and past journeys

Of lives that have shaped us to who we have become. Him still young and I his mum! 

I share the journey his grandfather took. The prayers at the bedside. The  open bible daily with the food he ate.  The faithful ordinary. The belief that spilled out into his girls . We observed it. The plain and the imperfections and the leaning life into truth. 

After my reflections,  after our talking and my musing long beyond the retreat,  it came to me, that people continue to shape who I am.  The precious influence of positivity and affirmation that speak and make me who I am this moment.

The friends who stay longest and pursue the grit and grind. That take the waves of grief with me and the pain of words that can suck you dry of life . 

Am being shaped still. 

The voices shout and a sensitive soul  trembling.

The voices that say keep going . 

The writing and the words that fly unto the page the conflicts that turn into something good and even reminds me of my true worth.

It all forms me into the woman whose identity and confidence continues to grow. To defy the whisper of failure and find a fresh new way. 

Find a best way. 

Know the thirst 

And …

Who quenches it

Pursue Him 


Alpha and Omega 

A to Z 

She’s still under the Designers Hand being shaped. Remoulded. Refined . 

So I went to the potterā€™s house, and sure enough, the potter was there, working away at his wheel. Whenever the pot the potter was working on turned out badly, as sometimes happens when you are working with clay, the potter would simply start over and use the same clay to make another pot. [Jeremiah 18]

Words Matter to meĀ 

Words matter. Deeply. 

For over twenty years my pen has engaged with a notebook. A kind of prayer and self discovery and discipline to my soul. 

A dear Scottish friend lent me a book which talked about journaling like you were talking with God your Saviour. 

A conversation. I write and listen and write. 

Along the way the note books pile up and additions now in the form of quotes notebooks! I’m gathering them still, small books that have a quote or a saying stuck in them or scribbled with the date and Year and origin! 

Words matter. 

Words hurt. 

Words heal. 

I gathered some prayers sent to me that healed my heart and spoke love into my brokenness. I value those words and the friendship that wove them and prayed them over me. 

Open up your heart then to the good words that are there for you. 

On  a lonely path or a changing one let words pour over you like the anointing oil of Psalm 23. 

Let the quietness of the winter days and the purity of Christs love enfold you.

His words breathe stillness and know He is the bringer of words that fill you with  strength and courage on your journey.

Know you carry inside you a flame brighter and of greater love because it  comes from one whose words took Him from thecross to triumph. 


I consider this idea of presence. The presence of Christ with us. Always with us . 

It’s His presence that offers me assurance in my daily living. 

I fall and drown then am reminded of His love and constant presence that brings such joy and with-ness is what makes life meaningful. 

The Lord is my shepherd 

In it all He is with us 


Hath He ever failed thee yet?

Never never wherefore fret? 

Amy Carmichael 

If my words take circles, forgive me. If my words form a need, know me. If my words show a direction take a slow walk down in the way of  the Word come down to guide us. If my words wander let mercy be our shared portion and love cover a multitude! 

Give me the love that leads the way : Amy Carmichael 

Let’s journey on and rise 
Love Rach x 

That BookĀ ļ»æ

That Book
Absolutely love weaving words into sentences that can inspire the soul to rise up each day. Yet too, aspire to fold words into a book. The ‘papier’ and the picture and the words are my melody, my song!

Is that because a book has oft been my tangible encouragement in life’s journey. The words of another giving a sort of hug-in-words, echoing something that assures me all shall be well. 

Words that help me find my true affirmation in Christ?

My best belonging in The One who lived His words beyond a page, beyond Instagram and beyond a photograph. 

That book I hold of a story, poetry, or art – a masterpiece of someone’s strength in their struggle showing Christ being their Hope. 

Could there be anything more precious than the handheld grasping of words that bring colour and confidence into our living and bring joy, to take our next step into the night. 

That book my dear is in us all. 

Hello to 2017

One year whizzing past. 

Another approaches with similar speed. Hello 2017. 

What does this year ahead view like from here?

I began a 5 day daily meditation on the bible app. Bridging the close of the advent readings by Ann Voskamp and the start of HTB bible in a year. 

The app reminded me of how to consider God in the present moment. 

How often we dwell overly on past pain and loss or even a past preferred life.

Then there is the panic of unknown days ahead, the approaching challenges and adventures of a new horizon ahead. 

To dwell in the now of life causes us to be still,  to take a breath, to abide. To trust with our whole selves means it’s possible in the now. We trust God with our hopes and fears we trust with our today. 

Matthew 6:34The Message

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and donā€™t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

Getting overwhelmed by life becoming anxious about life often is a result of a panic inside that pictures the project in its entirety. 

Slow – slow – slow. 

Or as I am quoted by my sister now – stop – stop – stop. 

The addiction to hurry and activity wins a feel good factor. 

I’m intentional about how I can address this is my own life.

Listen to the birds song in the moment. See the sunrise. 

Make choices that unclutter my world outside and within. 

Trusting in promises, avoiding over focusing on the distant view, instead investing in the present that puts trust in charge. 

Rise, she is such a little word. 

I am embracing its hope in countless ways already. 

Seeing my present as the time to rise. As one sunset and one moon already risen brings grace into a world that aches for light I see it already breaking through. When feel I can’t cope I see the oneword being air to me. 

Rise my child 

It was whispered into my soul as a young woman and it’s whispered still. 

Rise into 2017 with the strength that’s greater and wings that fly higher. 

Rise spoke Jesus to the child. 

In that present moment 

She took His hand and stood up. 

Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, ā€œTalitha kum!ā€ (which translated means, ā€œLittle girl, I say to you, get up HSCB 

Then He took the child by the hand, and said to her, ā€œTalitha, cumi,ā€ which is translated, ā€œLittle girl, I say to you, arise.

Matt 5 NKJ 

She chooses to take the hand and rise. She is not ignorant of life’s losses but grabs gratitude and grace by the hand and skips with childlike faith into 2017 knowing the one whose she is is always alway with her. 

Offering _

As we move into our new year I offer you no judgement and ask this same grace in return.

 I offer you the gift to share in the present.  

I offer you hope in which to rise up to your dreams.

I offer you courage to bear the greys of our days. 

I offer you a Saviour with which one can rise because the righteous right hand sustains .

My offering is my prayer for you to be encouraged in a journey step by step with the good shepherd, rising daily into outrageous grace and abundance of blessings_ 

There will be joy in the morning therefore rise 

Happy New Year 

Love Rach x 


Sunshine and the Rocking ChairĀ 

  Words reflecting my thoughts fill my heart and mind spilling out into the ‘notes’ facility  on my iPad . A revealer of truth . Insight into  my spiritual walk. 

Sharing through the keyboard words that are an essence of the the tough stuff of living that we all experience . 

The journey of joy, and embracing the loss in life . 

The small moments where I skip and the moments where I grieve and the moments where the ache of the road is deep. 


 The spiritual life begins with the acceptance of our wounded self 

 Brennan Manning


I love how a God who does this life’s journey with me brings unexpected provision in the ordinary. 

My lack is trusting . That He can be trusted . 


We took a day out from the the routine living of our lives. 

A Mother’s Day gift. 

 My son planned the retreat day to be taken at a lovely rambling old lodge near by. Organised and cared for by two wonderful hosts. 

We arrived at the lodge and were welcomed  warmly and offered coffee, freshly  home made lemon cake drizzled with icing and much prayer and love. 

Later we were served  Lunch and given guidance and prayer. 

A retreat day that was inspiring full of more prayer and walking and sharing . And quiet. 
One precious moment I knew particularly the Presence of the Holy Spirit ministering to me and took me to a place where I could feel the torn emotions of my heart. I knew the tears of loss, pain and fear. In the midst of acknowledging my vulnerability I  knew His embrace and love was covering it all. Knowing that Abba  loved His daughter and held her .

 Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. 

The sunshine after a morning of rainfall warmed the sitting room I was in. 

It brought a gentle heat and light which filled me too. 

 I walked around the the room observing the family photos, books shelf and wood shaped cross .. right next to the cross was a dark oak rocking chair . It’s back was to the window I observed the suns rays that was being directed onto the chair through the pane . 

I sat in it , bravely I thought . For its seemed brave to sit in it ! 

I rocked the chair slowly . Rested comforted leaning back in its wooden warm embrace . 


It felt like being held . A sacred moment of time and place offered me a safe space when tears could  fall down my cheeks and prayers I uttered without words echoing the spirit and sadness of my soul . A longing . A tiredness . A pain that shadows me, just through the very ache of living . 

At this moment your life is a bruised reed, and I will not crush it , a smouldering wick, and I will not quench it. You are in a safe place

Brennan Manning 
                                                           ~ ~ ~ 
The Gift God gives us is to love ourselves – as we are ; after all that is how He knows us . 

That is where He redeems us. That is where we are known . 

Rest in the truth that the safe place is the present place, it is here, now, in this moment.

Be the beloved child your father made you to be. Unique like the snowflakes. Just you . 

No comparison allowed .

Be at peace with who you are and whose you are . His gentle grace and unending love mingles with mercy. 

Rock in the rhythm of who you are in me. 

Accepted in the beloved.