Morning Prayer


Each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you
Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the alter and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.

Psalm 5

The Passion Translation

I sip my morning mug of tea
And bring myself to thee.

pause in His presence

I offer gratitude for the shield of grace and its unforced rhythms that gently help me walk into persevering.

Grateful for your goodness over my life.

Thank you …..

for your presence peace and comfort that is mine through the Holy Spirit.

For such love expressed through your Father heart for me.

For the cleansing redemptive work through Jesus my saviour.

Bring fresh revelation today.

Enable a right perspective to see what you you see.

Set my focus.

Keep me in love, power and sound mind.

pause in his presence

Thank You for making me in your image.

May i carry your beauty forever in my heartand let it spill out to those around me.

Let me slow enough to be with you.

Let me dream wildly enough to be brave in you. Together we pushback the pushback

I am your poetry. God, Yours is the glory.

I live a narrative of joy.


Unveil within me the limited riches of your glory.

May supernatural strength flood my innermost being.

Great is your faithfulness

keep me obedient to You.




As promised in Deeply Rooted  I  publish for  you a morning prayer and night time prayer.

I also wrote out a prayer for ‘others’, to incorporate those who I’m currently interceding for at this time.

Perhaps you can write your own. Let me know if you do.

Love Rach x


The books I read to my children 

… and how they speak to me now. 

Two boys were born from my womb into this world.

As a nurturing lady I loved the feeding and the bath fun and then the clean pyjamas and the book

A favourite that still is in my possession is, We're going on a bear hunt.

The refrain that was read again and again. The opening of pages together and the repeat. The cycle of sharing books continued with the grandsons. 

Should it be the biggest surprise then that the words are planted in my head!

Deeper still the words are found in my mind as I experience the hills and valleys of life of growing older. Losing loved ones. A nana , mum, dad and friends.  

Words shared with the little ones back then echo at a deeper level with a profound message that repeated its refrain,

You can't go under it, you can't go around it, you have to go through it. 

The truth is a kiss that says you can do this journey, you can go through it. Brave and fearfulness still grip the soul of me. Yet the firm foothold on the grit of the road step after step knowing avoidance is not how to do this. Its the steadfast hope looming for the bigger dream. A God dream. God-colours. I'm walking with a firmer step now. The journey through offerslight vibrant not grey. Distinctive. 

The next book is so very tiny. It offers a joy to read and the pictures are a delight.

Can't you sleep little bear?

The light in this story is never quite enough. A bigger lantern is brought in to create a better experience and eradicate the dark.

Stepping out to the moon offers the real experience. A full moon fills the whole being with light. 

Contentment brings rest. Light becomes enough. Oh the beauty of a child's story. The dark all around can be troublesome and frightening, yet how we are healed and restored as we experience the best of lights. A beauty and a wonder at the chromatography of God inside us. We can be so aware of our darkness about our world. Look up there's a bigger light and a illumination in the Christ who brings the Light to us. 

Grace instead of a hammer that knocks us back and makes me cower. Greater Grace. I'm only just touching the surface of it. The Love of it. The hand in my journey through and the Light beaming its best redemptive story into my world. 

I know Jesus has it covered . 

I've just to trust. 


Rach x

It is well with me 

The waves and wind know your name 

Music notes dance the words in my mind 

hope is harmony of my heart. 

I jump in time to the rhythm of grace 

How is it well with me? 

This girl woman who skips and writes

It is well with me. 

Are you journeying with me ~ it’s well with you too. 


Live life well 

Soul keeping 

His kingdom come in me 

I can dance under the stars 

I can grieve and die inside a little

It’s well with me 

Storm of life and daisy field 

It’s still well with me 




The waves and wind 

Knows me . 

Knows you . 

Walk the wild waves of this world knowing it’s well. 

Come . 

Keep going . 

It is well

Photo : Saint Andrews Scotland 

by rachnotes_

Faith and Flowers

Flowing through my life 

The Word works soul stuff 

Florals held mingle ministry in their message

My world embraces their beauty –

Groans in the grief with snowdrops

Bouquet of roses instead of ashes

Dances in the joy of a daisy

Sings with the windflower 

Draws in to pray with the word to heal 

Rejoices because I am His 

Lilies, wild flowers,  mustard seeds 

The Rose of Sharon 

In every season of life 

From  tulips to  peonies 

Wonder and wisdom and awe

From the creator

The word made it happen 

Faith gifts hope

Flowers offer us His beauty 

Embrace the holiness and loveliness 


Faith and flowers 



Rise my child 

Rise my daughter 

Rise to walk 

Rise to laugh 

Rise to display whose you are 

Rise because it’s okay 

Rise for you never walk alone 

Rise in love for that’s who I am 

Rise to lose those rags of disappointment that bear you down 

Rise to hold my hand 

Rise for the singing of the birds has come 

Rise to Joy 

Rise do not be afraid. 

Rise you are beautiful because I made you 

Rise to Dance 

Rise in faith 

Rise though you fall 



Taking her by the hand he said to her, “Talitha cumi”, which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise. Mark 5:41 ESV 

Our story is important. In both sharing it and understanding its power. To ourselves and to others. 

As a young mum I gathered together with other women at a bible study. During that time I had a ‘picture’  which told me a story,  this has continued to speak to me of this very aspect of rising. At that time the words were different but held the same meaning which simply implied the truth to keep pressing on, to keep rising. I will share my picture with you another time but for now the message which is clear now as it was then is to lean in to Jesus and to keep going. 

We know the truth of His faithfulness. By faith we acknowledge His attributes . 

It’s our not giving up. Seeing what is around us but not giving up. In worship on Sunday I heard a whisper , you rise by faith not your feelings. 

It’s an anchor . It’s not about me. The rising is because of where I hold my heart. 

We sing of waves and borders and lions dens and waiting. 

Waiting . It’s faith held in hope. 

Rising.  It’s choosing.

Choosing that as the sun sets and rises again I too will embrace my journey in faith. Rising to share my story.  With you.  With myself. 

Rising with faith. 

Proverbs 24:16   For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again. 

Psalm 84:5   Blessed are those who make You their strength, for they treasure every step of the journey [to Zion]

Let’s keep rising together. 

Love Rach x 


Hello lovely readers. Pull up a chair let’s chat . 

 Today after my Pilates class I drove home listening to radio 4. The words made me laugh! Keep calm and carry on! At this moment the atmosphere is all but. Anxious words and angry expression fall out into the world relating to politics and football. Yet it’s true we need to keep stepping out calmly and not giving in. 

Let’s think a whole few minutes not about the current climate but about our moments. Keep being gentle , kind , compassionate. 

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

In the middle of reflecting on the word I chose for 2016 -moment – musing on how I have lived my word and planning to use the meandering in my mind as my next blog post. It came to me the power of it as the EU voting is completed and the outcome for UK is uncertain. 

The spiritual leaders give us direction and encouragement to focus on our eternal perspective. 

Strength, Hope and Trust are our swords to hold and believe in as we look to courageously take the next step whatever that looks like. 
God says : When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm. 

Psalm 75 : 3

It’s easy to lose that peace and when I posted some notes on Instagram about His perfect peace in my sleepless moments, of considering my loss, feeling the anxiety and facing my deep fear, I challenged myself as to what will I trust in. His peace or my unrest. 

Acceptance that I’m vulnerable or resist and be independent and isolated. 

I choose to hold in my precious moments of living my life that I will embrace His peace and His foundation. 

Daily moments of coffee drinking and photographs blend into the encounters with my neighbours. The Italian friend, the beautiful European who helps me, the Chinese lady who services me a smile as I buy my items . The French gentleman who proffers wise counsel in the political arena. The Turkish restaurant in Birmingham where we ate and smiled a while with friends. The Malaysian lady who encouraged my heart at church. The African lady who brings joy into life and those around her. Then there is our American family. A rooted part of us in our ancestral past in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Places where my heart still remains. Because of people. 

I hold each moment shared  and each person who are so part of me as so very precious. Valuing the diversity and colour of my world. 

Lets hold truth. Let’s be vulnerable just by living because that vulnerability means we love. 

Let’s do that thing that we are exhorted to do

Love each other in all our moments 

Love one another as I have loved You 
So I give you a new command: Love each other deeply and fully. Remember the ways that I have loved you, and demonstrate your love for others in those same ways. Everyone will know you as My followers if you demonstrate your love to others. 

John 13:34,35
Moments chosen to give value to the daily gratitude I practice. Found In a moment in time . Face . Song flowers cloud word, even hard moments are gifts and speak of strength 

Moments in my day as I saw a lady determined and strong walking stooped but never giving up. A Moment remembered. 

Look up at your sky how is it painted.. What moments make your world . Do we get choices? Hard moments We all get them. The over sensitive Person perhaps more so! So what helps you through them? Good focus right perspective.

 Every moment is to be valued . A precious thing. Even the boring jobs and the pain and grief of life. No thing is useless. God works it together for good. 

Moments. Gratitude daily . Coffe and Examen. I follow a simple format of prayer that embraces realness and gratefulness. It creates a valuable structure for me. Once practiced years ago by Christians . It’s an adapted version by prayer 24/7 and offers me a daily structure which I’ve come to value and grow in . I look at myself and know even when moments are hard to push through, still I feel the moment I am honest and practice kindness. Moments make up our day. 

Esther a book in the bible paraphrased- 

It is for this moment you were created 

We are constantly learning that what makes the difference is :- 

Our willingness to turn again and again (EP Freeman )

Isaiah 30:15The Voice :-

Listen! The Lord, the Eternal, the Holy One of Israel says, In returning and rest, you will be saved In quietness and trust you will find strength

I say value your moments , not with some unreal expectations, but with the grittiness of living. Not by ignoring life’s stuff but by holding on to the truths that sink deep. Keep calm and carry on . Noticing and still valuing our moments. 

Thank you dear friend for sharing some moments with me today. 


Practice practice practice 

Today I’m musing over the idea and value of practice . 

I have just completed a makelight photography course with Emily Quinton. She is a photographer and teaches her subject with such  a passion and beauty. . 

She inspires me . It makes me want to follow her advice . Practice ……practice. 

I used to watch my dad . Digging his allotment and reading his bible. He did not force me to do any of these things but he did inspire me by his daily practice quietly beavering away . 

There is power in those who give away, it is refreshing and nourishing. It throws a value back out there into the cosmos. It is of great value. I think so anyway. 

We cannot be exactly like them but we can follow our own aspirations to practice our own art. 

The very words, practice remind me of the young girl at home required to play the piano daily. 

The requirement of DAILY PRACTICE! 

I did like the idea of  the simple classic pieces, I did like the sound I could create as my fingers touched the ivory and black keys . In a child like way. I learnt good values from being taught to practice. 

The ache was in the voice that spoke to me over my practice . It was often a tearful time. Force was its master. Does it have to be like that? Is that the best way to learn? 

The young girl pianist never grew in the art . 

The English exam taken as a Scottish Higher studying Sunset Song , poetry, developing alliteration and onomatopoeia. Delightful . I chose as an adult to do this course. There was no force the choice to practice was mine . I did practice . All those essays . Quotes. I spent time getting used to the past papers reading them writing and handing in to be marked. 

Practice comes again as I developed an interest in photography and poetry and words to speak my heart to an ear that may hear . 

I’m back there again sitting with the practice daily using the skills taught and trying to learn and developing an ‘eye’. I Practice , learning , disappointment, feelings that I can’t be good at this , pushing through the not good enough . Trying to ignore the comparison game!  Taking the next step and the next when even after much practice mediocre is the result. I believe the thing is – don’t give up! 

“Character is what you are in the dark.” 

― D.L. Moody

Never giving up but practicing in the quiet space . Building character that strengthens us. Practice telling our hearts our daily stories matter. Then step by step bring us into beauty. It is in the space unseen unheard is where we put our practice in. 
So many people share their stories of  P e r s e v e r i n g. 

Against the feeling of  hopelessness. 

I am learning about the value of self worth. 

The value that one is worthy. 

Holding that. 

 I see then the practice comes not because the cross voice is sharply shouting but to the gentle encouragement of ones own heart. 
                                      You can do this!  

Keep going . 

Keep learning. 

Find your way. 

Take kindness, drink it in . 

Move on . 

All the while practicing.  


Falling . 

U p   a g a i n 


Practice . 

Gentle … 

Isaiah 64:8 The Voice 
Still, Eternal One, You are our Father.

    We are just clay, and You are the potter.

We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something 

of worth.

It is in the joining and participating . It is in the kindness and encouragement our practice is made good. The fruits of the spirit both from teacher and student offer the best standards in which to learn . 
Practice makes perfect !  I wonder!! With humour and a little less seriousness we apply to our vision . 

We blossom best when we are given a positive spirit . 

Galatians 5 New Century Version 
But the Spirit produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. 

Practice is a daily , regular activity . We find for ourselves what works . 
I own some daily habits that bring the joy of daily life right back into focus. 
The daily practice of praying . 
Learning new things 
I fold gratitude into a book . . . . 
Words pencilled in ;-
Ordinary coffee 
Flowers growing on the road side 
Kindness in hospitality 

The continuum of daily practice offers life something rich . Glorious. Like a bunch of flowers held and an enormous smile received. 

Practice when we don’t feel like it . 
Gratitude wings as we practice our dream , don’t worry when the world shouts at us 

Just ……

……..Keep on keeping on 

Trust the process 

Practice & practice & practice!