Be Kind – Don’t Quit

I repeat the words over…

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.

Like a declaration.

An answered prayer.

The unforced rhythms of Gods grace, teaching me, I learn it. Know it, grace sung over me. It says forgiveness not condemnation. It says value not rebuke. It says love not fear. It says press on. Hold on. Always. You are upheld. Hear the truth of it. The power of it. I need it whispered often.

I hear the words like notes above my head, breathing out defeat. Breathing in the Hope and lover of my soul.

I can breathe again. Walking boots worn thin, winters bite against my chin. The Cherry pink of buds almost through the dark bare branches. Hope is always close. I breathe deep the resurrection song.


But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows,

peace that subdues,

patience that endures,

kindness in action,

a life full of virtue,

faith that prevails,

gentleness of heart, and

strength of spirit.

Galatians 5:22

The Passion Translation

I say it again, Be kind – Don’t Quit.

Be persistent. Be kind.

Perfect these goals.

To yourself.

To others.

Make a difference.

Don’t be afraid.

Smile at the next person you meet.

Press on at the next hurdle you come across in life. If it’s a daily struggle know the grace notes over you.

Believe in finding beautiful in your ordinary.

Capture it.

Breathe it.

Be kind.

Show it.


Keep going.

Delight in the pressing on.

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.


May the gentleness of heart


The strength of spirit

Grow in you

As you

Show kindness


may you know the deep resolve to

Press on.

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.

In your slow and wild days.

Love Rach x



Wells. Avon

Inspired by the daily prompts, I took up the challenge at the start of January  to write my 500 words for 31 days, emailed daily into my inbox by  Jeff Goins 

I chose to do one of those 31 days  as my blog post to share right here!

There have been so many times as I wrote  into the notebook that says, ‘written in the stars’ on the cover, where my pencil simply swept across the page as if I was in a timed exam!  Not because I felt pressure you understand, but because I just found so many words to put down on the particular subject!

If you like writing and would like an encouragement to do more then check it out!


We are at the beginning of a New Year and I am writing about endings!

I was caught up with the wide swing the word offers to my soul. Like a pendulum swinging from one side to another! From sadness to joy.

The door closes.  The End.

The hard work completed.  The End.

The story completed.  The End.

The sun sets. The End of a day.

The clock ticks, ending a minute, five minutes an hour. Our moments End.

Children’s stories, as I remember in my early years of reading Enid Blyton, the last page concluded with a final paragraph and the words ‘The End’ almost a signing off.

The finish.

There are many endings in life.  There are endings of relationships through loss and through letting go of friendships and places and all the small things in-between.

Sometimes the end comes at the completion of the exam paper! Such relief!

Sometimes the end comes for another bringing a different way ahead for you.

We can feel the exhuberance of joy and be overwhelmed with sadness.

How do we handle our endings well?

I consider this now and wonder how do we move certain into a narrative of joy.

We are exhorted to, rejoice always.

There is an element of embracing our now.

He is our very present help….

The beauty of now is that we can live a successful valuable life inside our narrative of joy because we lean on a rock, jump off from a sure place, take the step.  Keep on keeping on.

Identity.  Where do we find it.  Where is our peace sourced.  This answer enables us to discover how we can end well.  Do we find our identity in food, people, places, stuff, the affirmation of others.  I could easily lean into all these things!

I discovered afresh how we are a poem.  Ephesians 2.  The essence of who we are comes from the creator. When we lean into the other things in life and not into the creator we lose who we really are.  The poetry we write loses the purity of perfect love with which we need to write most effectively with.  We relearn how best to write our poetry into the world.  Getting back to our identity, our endings offer a significant meaning and we are resourced with a love that comforts, strengthens and teaches us always.

We achieve our best endings when we embrace our unique identity.  We do this by trusting God absolutely.

You will find joy.  Just look.  Your endings can bring joy inside them.  Lean in and trust. Find Hope.  Tall as you are.  Even in your endings.

It is perhaps in our yearning and setting our minds perspective that we can work through the darkness of some of our endings.  We can embrace the truth and disown the lies.

Through my life I’ve embraced endings with the full embodiment of the highly sensitive! Feeling every small stone in my shoe, so to speak!  Dip at the loss of friendship.  Struggle over change and how I mourn over the ending.  One cannot bypass the feeling and the struggle, for right inside that is the building up of strength and tenacity to endure. Folding gratitude into your mix there is a recipe for waking up in your morning to meet joy.

In the places where your heart is broken inside you, where the shattered needs mending because your ending is hard. We hone into building resilience into ourselves and sharing those tools with others.

At the time of writing this I noticed it was my grandmothers birthday.  She passed away when my son was born, many years ago.  I remember her poise.  Her resilience.  Her strength as she dealt with her many endings.  Grief as her son died at 21.  War time.  A life’s unfair challenge, change of home and life style.  Living life alone, being widowed young.  We learn so often from observing others.  We are modelled to and in turn model for others.  My grandmother kept going, she held on to her focus in life, her faith.  She kept in community.

I continue to be inspired by others who display the truth and act them out in love.

Endings.  Drinking a mug of hot coffee.  The brown liquid finds its way through your lips. You’ve enjoyed the drink.  It has an end.

Take a swing in your local park.  Walk away.  The experience has ended.

Close the contract on your job and walk away.  The end of a pay packet and a closure on that part of your life.

Does anything endure.

There is One who offers a hand to you in life.  Who brings an eternal viewpoint. One who says, ‘I’ll hang out with you always.’

The assurance is to know our endings have a bedrock.  Our God offer us his love to help us endure.  He gifts us with an identity and purpose that figures out the complexity of endings that may break us.

Like my Grandmother before me who offered an example, a strength, to live by.  So we also can bring our endings good and bad into a dynamic daily meaningful journey.  We choose.  Sharing then the tool bag or resource to assist ourselves and others along the journey.  Live it well.  Ever learning the unforced rhythms of grace in your unique slow and wonderfully wild life.


May the journey we all take this year be one that enables us to slow a little and embrace our endings well.

May we know the love of our Father God that strengthens us in power and keeps re-filling us with hope through all our endings in life.

May we have courage to find the wild and couragous inside ourselves trying a new way that is our uniqueness and beautiful identity.

May each new day and each ending of the same bring gratitude. At  each sunrise and setting bring love into the daily mix of living.

Romans 5:13

May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Clifton Bridge. Bristol in January

January 2018

Hello 2018.

And so the year begins with its plans and dreams and dreads!

Happy New Year to you.

May for you it be one that supports the best of hope and best of visions and wild flowers always.

I have a plan that has already begun!

Notebooks and pencils lined up!

Words written over several decades will be scored and circled and hearts drawn around them.

I walked into a Christian book shop in October while visiting Dorset.  I browsed the ‘devotionals’ shelf, an inner voice said, you have read so many  books surely you could write one of these yourself, for me this was not completely a new idea.

I am not a theologian, so the notes will be more a personal reflection. My inspiration of a bible based faith and how I keep growing in that.

My story of the Lords faithfulness.

So inside my word(s), slow and wild, my journey for this year, I’m also planing to write a note each day for 365 days. To collate. To gather.

A daily entry into the notebook shall be pencilled on to the fat lines and short white pages.

Not content to set this challenge to write daily for a year, I’ve taken the challenge to write 500 words a day for 31 days!!

I’m using another notebook. A pencil and, with much addition of words, I completed Wednesdays task. I needed to stretch my thinking. Normally I write concisely. Stretching out my thinking challenges me!

Today, Thursday, I was jump started in my thinking having read a post on social media. This resonated deep inside. Free flow of mind and pencil flew across my notebook. The notebook- a Sainsbury’s navy blue cover, A5, that has in gold letters, ‘Written in the stars’.

It always involves identity and journey. I wrote about letting go of should do. Taking grasp of a deeper meaningfulness. A journey of joy and peace.

Another blog I read was by Sarah Bessey, she writes, ‘ I have to learn slowly and diligently to practice Shalom in my body’.

I listed how that looked for me and how it involves each part of me; hands lifted to worship. My body bowed in reverence. My hands expressing in writing and emotions. My face offering kindness not necessarily adorning beauty! There’s is of course so much more.

Do you find reading and writing affords you expression?  Gives your mind a voice when words are hard to say aloud?

Could you be brave and let your mind and body give expression to a deeper work going on inside you?

Annie Spratt Unsplash

Have a beautiful January

Love Rach x

When my word is Slow and Wild and I greet you with a Happy Christmas







As Christmas approaches we consider and mark Advent as we lead up to the time we remember Jesus birth. For some of us we experience a sense of Gods presence all the time where the knowledge and historical value tie up with our daily encounter of Emmanuel, God With Us.

Christmas gives us all a time to reflect, particularly in the approaching days as we take time to linger over the many aspects of the story of Jesus arrival in this world and to think again over his relationship with us.

I am reading this advent  my copy of – The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. a book that offers a devotional journey in the bible .

The words which are carrying me through advent are these from her book;

This waiting, your art  — mark it.

Each day I am thinking how I do that.

How I can linger over a lit candle, how I can notice a robin sing in my garden. How I can see the scripture I read works a fresh perspective into my life. By marking it, I am noticing it. I feel this wording in Ann’s  book and the way my soul is drinking it in resonates with my word slow. My deliberate act of noticing.

A Light that brings perspective. A light that brings love. A light that brings mystery.

A light that brings colour and purpose to life.




I discuss my word with you.  One which I will carry into 2018. A word for my forthcoming season. One can look at this with a year view. Yet it is as though God is already sowing something inside of me through these words. I wait not. I listen and walk right in.

My slow and wild.

Edging on the sacred and desire to know God and explore my creativity, because there is no blur or separate inside us. We’re whole, mind, body, soul, sacred, holy, worshipping, upside down kingdom living people.

I’m exploring this in the routine of my day. In my reading and in my attempts at photography. My longing to see in the present, His presence. To slow. To consider.

Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight, spoke this word slow in her interview with Heather Stillufsen of Rosehill Designs. Emily said,

Slow down. We are so lucky to have digital cameras and we can take so many more images than we ever could in the days of film. But it can make us lazy. Take time to slow down and really think about the photograph you are taking. Why are you taking it? Think about that for few seconds. This will help you to frame your image better, to move into the right position and will result in a much better image.

The slow in our lives is a deliberate act that helps us walk through our project, our vision, our passion with more care.

Pete Greig, best selling author, pastor and instigator of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, shared on social media the above quote, the words – ‘ to trust in The Slow work of God’, rang true in a season of waiting to know the next step.



Weekly I attend a Pilates group.

Following the correct breathing we are reminded by our teacher, again and again, to do the breathing correctly, inhale and exhale, this helps my slowing and enables me to flow into good smooth movement and posture.

In the same way in my daily living I am learning to take a deliberate decision to change my route or pattern or way of doing things. I focus on the important. I slow. Unhurried moving forward is a better caring  way to view our world.

In worship one Sunday morning I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to use prayer as my ministry for a certain person. My default was, “what can I DO!”  The whisper in the midst of tears came clear.  Pray.

I found this quote which I discovered on Instagram, using a beautiful portrait photo I bring the  two wonderful works of art together.

Photo by Hannah Bursing

Deeply there is a need to know we are chosen, even, yes, delighted in. We hold a place of worth born out of redemption at the cross of Calvary.

When I recognise my own self slipping into a feeling of condemnation and striving. I see a glimpse right there of a Saviour that speaks in those words. Do not strive, slow, mark it, break the power of this hold on you. Slow, learn of me. Find the dare and wild in you that allows you to do it different, feel it different. My slow and wild.

In that slow and wild place I dare to stop! Listen.

Know that prayer is the most powerful place I can intercede for any person.

Perhaps our affirmed identity will enable us to slow, not rushing to prove anything, but offer the world our considered outlook. One measured approach.

This is my year of learning, to implement my skill in this way in a loud and fast world my heart needs to learn to slow and quiet.

I look forward to unpacking and facing the adventure my word offers as we step into  2018.

Let us mark the events of the coming weeks with our candles and our gifts and our hearts filled with peaceable joy that comes from inner desire, for more of the Christ in us.

Immanuel. God with us.


Great beginnings wrapped in a babe in swaddling clothes.

This Slow and Wild is an adventure indeed.

Have a wonderful Hope filled Christmas dear friend.

Find time to slow and embrace the season of waiting. Find this in beautiful, fresh, wild  ways this season.

Thank you for your company.

Love Rach x



Note -Thank You to Unsplash community for the use of your amazing photography.




My slow and wild 

The autumnal season we are in now is moving towards December.

The light is changing. Time to reflect and re-evaluate.

I’m continuing the blog post on –


Photo by Annie Spratt Unsplash

To Practice, any discipline takes time. It is a deliberate organisation of intentions.

I have been reading Brene Browns book ~ The Gifts of Imperfection.

It is one thing to read the book and I have already once before. It is in the implementation and ongoing use of skills inside your tool box that equip you for the journey of life.

It is as I look at the word slow I notice the practice brings in other words that Brene has shared.

Words like art, play and compassion.

Brene writes how she made choices to slow.

The author, Dr Alicia Britt Chole, writes about her book The Sacred Slow that it is a sacred summons to nearness with God.

We are encouraged to sit and listen. To consider the better part.

A slowing. Offers its challenge and wildness to it.

To think outside the box!

That’s a wild idea.

Easily said. Put into practice thinking differently can be a little out of our comfort zone.

In Psalm 23:3 the Message renders the verse , you let me catch my breath.

Psalm 23 The Message photo Unsplash

Slow is time to inhale and make better choices. I approach this as a challenge. Of course that is exactly why we are drawn to certain words, people, places. A deeper magic is at work. Today I struggle with slowing to read that book. To slow up, to pay attention to the small things I need to do. This is the living practicing surrendering to the slow to listen and be a little wild. Take that walk, jump in the leaves. He is a strong tower so lean in. A lot.

I mused about the wild flowers. They neither toil nor spin.

Slow .

Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life in our day. You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. Dallas Willard 


We think on those unforced rythmns of grace. Slow up to lean in. Wild is its risk into a new way of seeing

Perhaps this slow, this Wild is about surrender.

Perhaps it is about seeing in. New way.

Perhaps it is surrendering to a new way of seeing the world I live in.

Perhaps we taste and see. The bread is on the table. How will I measure my life. With cups of flour and oil. Will I measure it’s fullness when I linger to drink the truth. To eat it and believe it.

To slow as I drink and eat the bitter with the sweet of life.

To enter into the wild of adventure new.

These are my notes dear friend.

Messages from my heart to yours.

Love Rach x



This was my word for 2017.

As we enter the last month, already I sense a new word calling me!

Rise, was how I describe an image of the picture I was given many years ago.

Trust Me. Keep going my daughter.

In many ways this word will always be in my heart. It’s encouragement speaks profoundly into my daily living. When the rubber hits the road, through brokenness and trials, the power in a personal word spoken to rise will live on and on.

When like the psalmist my soul is cast down . Look up. Rise.

I’m with you through the storms Don’t forget that.

When you are weary I give you rest.

I won’t forget to practice the daily process of rising beyond my feelings to action a new day.

Choosing a word for the coming year is something I have done for three years now.

The word plants itself into my heart before the New Year begins!

Two influences brought me to rise.

Firstly, influence came from my ladies bible study group. Picture the dancer weary from her steps. Life is taking its toll. Her Father God helps her rise. Enables the dancer to rise. Whispers the truth not to fear but to trust.

A beautiful ‘picture’ which I shall forever hold close. A deposit that has provided a personal pirouette. The Holy Spirit prompts me when I need to be reminded of His love and ability to enable me to Rise.

The young girl in the bible story where Jesus says, Talitha Cum. Means Daughter Rise.

Often in my daily living I can wake up with knots inside. Producing a sinking feeling making me reluctant to begin my day.

I know I need to remember those words; Rise. Do not be afraid I’m in this with you. I will lift you up.

I do believe it was a gift for life. A picture that’s offered daily encouragement. I shall till the

‘waiting’ is over.

His presence is near when the reminder moves from thought to heart.

I’ve written note book after note book that speaks a prayer from the depths of my soul.

The pen is my medicine indeed!

A prayer closes my notes with you today


Father God, I acknowledge your loving kindness over my life. The tenderness of a Father to uphold his child. Thank You.

May I rise daily knowing your faithfulness is so very near.

May my trust be always in You.

May I walk this life knowing your gentleness is bringing me up from weariness and fear to deep joy because your ways are the route to life.


Love Rach x

A Slow-lived Life or my slow and wild 

Dahlias gifted to me from my neighbours garden

Hello, thank you for joining me here at rachnotes. Journeying on in faith, always learning as part of the

Discovery of life.


Slow down you move to fast you’ve gotta make the morning last just kicking down the cobbled stones etc *

Slow down stop and smell the flowers.

We take time to slow.

Maybe it’s a deliberate act of being aware

Paying attention

Daisies at home rachnotes

I am considering in this autumnal season the small word, slow.

In seasons of life our days can be a tornado of activity and can produce in us a difficulty stopping. We continue to find the next thing to hurry on to.

I can remember my own mother when walking somewhere it seemed every step was hurried. In turn, I took on the same hurried pace as I too seemed unable to slow.

I am considering the word taking it into both sacred and ordinary living. Of which there really is no divide anyway. I step onto the floor as I slip out of bed and the fast process of living begins. Bringing faith and living into one fast pace place.

It could be the season I am in, but I’m considering this word #myslowandwild. One has to create a hashtag of course!

Words bring clarity to my day. They have power and influence.

Bring the slow into the kitchen as I bake and turn the sausages for the family supper. The panic rises as the time frame looms large on the clock. Inside I’m churning. We can change that frame. Breathe and slow up in the turning of the little porks!

It can make each moment in the day quite different. Very different.

Hence my slow and wild.

The leaf and colour and season can be slow in the way we pay attention to it. The way we sift and organise our choices.

Be still, be quiet.

Notice the small ordinary wild in your living space.

That is how I’m seeing the challenge.

Paying attention to the word on a page, listening to its message.

Reading the text and not judging it.

Praying the sacred into my slow and wild.

You may notice a fallen leaf sitting still in the misty morning low light. You may slow to pray with a friend even when you struggle to know how best to phrase your words.

You may not fully understand why you’re misunderstood by those you’ve loved the best and even not loved back.

Yet you stop to consider the ways you are loved in an eternity that surpasses the hurry and worry of your world.

Therefore as we take this journey. I pray for God inspired breath revelations right there in my slow lived, washing up gloved moments, praying as I pot the tulips for spring, choosing courage and boldness instead of fear, to move forward into the unknown wonder of the days ahead. Living in a better self worth. One founded in the place of my connection and identity.


In reality, time isn’t the enemy 

Faster isn’t the answer

Undone isn’t the problem 

And slow is actually part of the solution 

Dr Alicia Britt Chole

That’s my  Part 1 notes
Love Rach x
*Simon and Garfunkel-Feeling Groovy


My friend spoke these words close to the gate you see here in this photograph. Overcomer.

As I shared my word for the year, Rise.

To overcome.

The gates utter melody by its symbol.

To Rise is to enter into the melody. To hear The Song inside your heart and choose to dance it’s rhythm.

I write about rhythms of grace here.

My friend knows about overcoming. She took the path of a missionary. What I see as her gift in overcoming is her passion to pray.

We never leave one another’s company without drawing near to our Heavenly Father and prayer is our mutual place of Hope.

To rise she considered is to overcome. We discussed it there over the breakfast coffee. The life lessons and the source of our longings.

Hope brings purpose to our journey.

Conversation and Coffee

Brené Brown writes of using the gifts of imperfection in our journey. I’m learning this. To overcome I need to embrace these gifts in the midst of my worth and vulnerability. To jump in.  Jumping in with Joy. On a previous blog post I’ve written all about joy. 

Joy is found inside a heart filled with gratitude. Its in my year of considering how best to rise daily that I find connections come high up in that place of importance to rise inside my daily living. 

We share our Hope and encouragement fills our day because we invest in one another adding richness and humour and much love. We rise into living because purpose paints the world we live in. 

Pain and sorrow is always present in so many aspects, we overcome by bringing our best to each other filling each other’s cup and moving forward even when we don’t feel like it much. It surpasses the feeling and pushes into faith and focus. 

She talked about overcoming, not out of empty words but out of a life that spelt risk and war and famine. She spoke to me with encouragement in her heart and I’m filled up to keep on keeping on. To Rise. To Overcome. My own battles look different from hers but the way we soar can look the same and shaped in faith and kingdom living. 

At Mac &  Jacs I enjoy the delights of baking and conversation. Of quiet and listening. Of slowing and being.

Rise means stopping, reflecting the journey. Changing some horizons. Waiting a while. Trusting. 

Overcome. Thankful to my friend who prays into my life and invests. 

For words that speak powerfully and resonate. Words that speak long past the conversation. 

Overcome. Rise. 

I’m in. Coming?

Love Rach x


Inside. Right deep in the core of your tummy. A feeling that makes you nauseous. The whole body feels like it’s a minor tremor. Worry.

The thought processes whirl without trying. Before you know it every set scenario is formatting creating the deeper physical feeling that brings one into a diminished state.

Mother would comment, ‘here comes the waterworks’.

Society sees a smile and a gentle demeanour.

The boss bemoans your sensitivity but shouts anyway.

The worry of imperfection stares back at you offering failure and disappointment.

She should know by now!

She should.

Go figure.

The world spins and her world dances its chaos around it.

Be who you most deeply are.

Emily P Freeman writes.

Uncover the shape of your soul, turn down the voice of the inner critic and move into the world with courage to be who you most deeply are.

She pens the words into her notebook writes it down without looking. Knows each letter off by heart.

She wants to be that girl.

She wants to be the girl whose soul is confident in whom and whose she is.

Unforced Rhythms of grace.

The Message echoes the words.

She writes them down. They too are scribbled into her mind. She knows them off by heart.

A word in. A word out.

Slowly she hears the melody playing. The song with words that heal. She the believer. A woman who holds the capacity to breathe the Holy Spirit fire.

Really Breathe.

Corrie ten Boom defined worry as ‘a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a centre of fear.’

She echoes back the words

Perfect love casts out fear.

She hears the preach.

The words bang loud.

Louder than the other words.


Something is silenced inside of her.

Be most deeply who are.

All the words string together like a pearl necklace. One of great price.

A deep cost of redemption.

No need to worry.

She knows she will quiver.

She knows she will still cry.

She knows she will feel the ache of living.


She knows that the Love that chose to step out and bring redemption pure and true. Is Hers.

You Unravel Me

With A Melody


Surround Me With

A Song

Of Deliverance…..

I rescue you because I loved you.

She hears the story. But it’s spoken with the unforced rhythms


She writes the post script. For she is forever growing in this journey of self awareness and surrender. In her Examen under Presence, she writes;

Sometimes we experience sadness, hear it, then we carry it, the whole bucket full. We pray, yet continue to carry the worry and sadness. Hands full. Jesus came to carry the load. Its the daily habit forming hard work. Tools to equip.  Surrender.

The unforced rhythm.
We cannot carry it. We need the habit of compassion and courage that speaks this grace to our souls. Releasing the weight of our buckets. To Christ.

Let’s write it out. Read it. Habit it into our thinking and our coffee moments and our ordinary days.

Matthew 11

Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. 

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. 

I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.

 Keep company with me 

and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly. 

Word in, word out.

Love Rach x

Gratitude Note

To Unsplash photographers

To the pastors and worship leaders who talk and sing of grace at Chroma Church.

To Emily P Freeman

To my readers and encouragers

To my editor and husband.

Thank You all for journeying with me.

All glory to Father Son and Holy Spirit.


I linger over this little word joy. I love its rounded lettering. Joy is often shaped into Christmas with gold, forming a hanging for decoration. I have shared quotes about joy from authors and bloggers. Joy is more than a decorated piece. Folded away till next time. Joy in my mind is a fierce little word with courage in its heart. Joy is our daily choice. Found in the day-to-day. We choose with our thinking. Daily reading Joy over our ordinary day.

Joy, it is that deep rooted thing inside me that is influenced by faith. By the Holy Spirit.
It is the inside me that needs to know exactly where my identity rests. Therein is Joy.

This joy is not dependent on the affirmation of others. The need to be validated or to be qualified in any way. Joy is the journey of appreciation with grace.

This joy sings in my sorrow, dances in my delights, lightens up my inkyblue mood. Joy brings the ballerina and the singer into my stumbling feet and baselike tones!

I can be me and joy is there. I can drift into a world of wonder and joy is there. I can craft failure and joy can lift me up to try again.

Let me choose Joy as the dawns orange glow lifts itself up from the night sky. Let me choose Joy when I eat my cheese sandwiches at lunch. Let me choose Joy as the moon brings it’s button buttermilk smile to the blackness of the nighttime sky.

The Word in and the word out.

The fruit of the spirit is Joy.

Rejoice always

Let Him sing joy over you


Hilary Yancey writes,

When I resist anxiety, even for a moment, I can catch a glimmer of the songGod is singing over my life : JOY.

Pete Grieg inspired me by his post that encouraged joy in the mundane,

Tears come uninvited to us all in the end. But joy does not. It is a butterfly, a melody waiting to be named. Our surprising, unsolemn duty, therefore, is not just to weep at life’s tragedy but to laugh at its bounty. To marvel at the simple magnificence of so many mundane things; the ephemeral light through a dirty window, that eternal moment between the first and second mouthful of chocolate cake.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  Keats

I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to the end, or to tomorrow, even, and realize that my life is a collection of meetings and pop cans and errands and receipts and dirty dishes. I want to eat cold tangerines and sing out loud in the car with the windows open and wear pink shoes and stay up all night laughing and paint my walls the exact color of the sky right now. I want to sleep hard on clean white sheets and throw parties and eat ripe tomatoes and read books so good they make me jump up and down, and I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that he gave life to someone who loves the gift.”  Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life

Naletu on Unsplash

Twinkle lights are the perfect metaphor for joy. Joy is not a constant. It comes to us in moments – often ordinary moments.

Sometimes we miss out on the bursts of joy because we’re too busy chasing down extraordinary moments. Other times we’re so afraid of the dark that we don’t dare let ourselves enjoy the light.

A joyful life is not a floodlight of joy. That would eventually become unbearable.

I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, inspiration, and faith.

Brené Brown

John Piper writes a definition of joy from his thoughts on Philipians  –

Christian joy is a good feeling in the soul, produced by the Holy Spirit, as he causes us to see the beauty of Christ in the word and in the world. < img src=”; class=”size-medium alignleft wp-image-1035″ height=”1772″ width=”1772″><<<<<<<<<
y joy, it  gives me the opportunity to  slow,  to wait, to capture with my iPhone camera, a little beauty in a form of art that is within my grasp. A fading flower, an autumnal leaf, steaming strong coffee. A book with beautiful paper pages.

Word in word out

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace

O Lord of Heaven’s Armies, what joy for those who trust in you. ~ Psalm 84:12

Oh for the Joy before Him, He endured the cross.

Joy comes in to view and can help me appreciate when I look back and reflect on the journey traveled thus far.

A deep quiet soul taking a  journey that has taught me where true joy is rooted right where I am, found there in the place where love truly abides.

Joy is that simplicity seeing light sparkling in the washing up bubbles, bringing the steaming  strong coffee  in to grateful cupped hands.  Perhaps maturity shines a bigger light on these things. Bringing value to the most important small.

Time to gather the beauty of Autumn. Let poetry and a thousand falling leaves fill my being with joy and profound gratitude.

The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

n the ordinary mundane living. Slow up my frames of living lettting me notice the unnoticeable.

Notice the segments in your clementine. Notice the lady as she shuffles her feet towards her goal with determination. Notice the blind young man unperturbed as he  gets on his train to get to a destination. The taste of lemon cake zesty and sweet. The water cool and sipped slowly. The rainbow as you drive the curve in the road and its thick short band of  colours fills your mind before it disappears and you walk into the office. A hug in life’s grief. Words texted to a friend saying hello.

Notice joy in the breaking of bread as a believer rises in faith despite the pain and challenges ahead.

Joy triumphs this comes out of authentic thankfulness .

Let’s choose Joy.

Happy October

Love Rach xx 🍁🍂