World Mental Health Day


We lamented together.

Words I noted twice today which struck a cord with me. Words both spoken on Radio 4, Daily Service, and then read inside the pages of her book.  Rachael Newham documents her story in ‘Learning to Breathe’. Her journey with mental illness.

We lamented together. The words began to do something inside of me. A recognition. Not rejection, not judgment, but an agreement to notice and join in the jog of life that sometimes aches deep, is slow and tired and other times a gentle run when the body’s rhythm change.

This blog post shares with you the words gleaned and insights gained from life because depression and anxiety alongside addiction has been observed and is being understood both in myself and those I have nurtured in its devastation.

Lament is a passionate expression. Feel it. Notice it. Do not be afraid of it.

The Psalms are used by all of us to give us words to articulate how we feel and what we want to say.

There is an assurance in a shared lament, when we walk with one another.

Scriptures says; let us rejoice with those who rejoice and lament with those who lament.

In Romans 12:15, The Amplified says,

Rejoice with those who rejoice, sharing others joy, and weep with those who weep sharing others grief.

It came to my attention this is not about pity or sympathy, but listening and coming alongside. Kindness.

This morning, World Mental Health Day, I listened to Radio 4 as Rachael spoke encouragement and comfort, as well as empowerment to those who listened.

Her words,

We are joined in the wait by the Holy Spirit.

How He is our chief and pure advocate and encourager.

Kindness makes a difference 

Inside us all is a little offering we can give to others. A way we can bring kindness to another. Share each others place of lament.

I attended a different pilates class one week and while others just looked at me as the stranger, one lady beckoned me and offered me a space next to her, a small kindness shown that made a big difference to me!

Perhaps as we share with others we need to be mindful of them as an entire person, not just how we look but the inside of us that is not seen and yet equally needing a smile and inclusion.

Christy Wimber at the Wholeness Conference this year stated,

Our job is to love, 

Gods role is to fix through the  Holy Spirit.

Our role is to offer kindness.


The words spoken by Doctor Kate Middleton written into my notebook at the Mind and Soul Foundation, Lead Well Conference, remind me that wellness matters. She describes this as thriving, flourishing and enabling.

If we are okay to acknowledge that we find stuff hard and show up for each other during our lament which life will offer us. It is in this place of vulnerability that we offer our honest faces together, upwards. Kingdom living is showing up for each other.

Reverend Will Van der Hart spoke at the Lead Well Conference encouraging our hearts as we live inside a tension of faith and the not yet of eternity.

When we long to be present, we need to be so with our imperfection and our right perspective of glory.

Will shared that we need to accept our limitations, welcome our uniqueness and lead out of our vulnerability.

Brene Brown, writes much about shame and vulnerability, there is so much we can read about this!

We fear because shame is painted with a big brush over many parts of our struggles anxiety is misunderstood, we recede.

Instead we need to blossom and flourish with our Hope and purpose set firmly on the joy gifted to us, both in the present and future.

Coming alongside, listening, sharing in the lament,  rejoicing, praying joy over each other.

Kindness makes a difference.

love Rach
Thank You
to Denise who encourage me to write this post so she could read it!
to Rachael for bravely writing your book, loved the last line!

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