Words That Stay

His truth over mine
His Mystery over mine
His Presence – His Peace
Juliet Barber

I sit with the words that stay. Spoken by our Pastor at the end of a year, I hold the words as if cupping them carefully inside my hands. Sifting them. Considering their deep impact and power. Words that seem like a prayer and a song and a summary. Words that echo truth. The sum of what God is saying into my heart. I write it out a thousand times. The words speak life and clarity.

September has its autumnal aspect about it now. The berries, the leaves turning and the schools returning. Change of seasons continually resonates with us as life is always changing around us and within us. For me, the change, the big high on the stress scale, a house move that happened in July!
A downsizing from an old 1906 to newer property, well 1970’s modern!
A challenge of changing perspective from classic to modern.
I’m embracing it with my pink look and modern pictures gifted by a friend. The process of settling, of course takes some time, but the transition has been made a joy through friends gathering sometimes just ones and twos. The unexpected amass of welcome to your home cards spilled through the letterbox!

I just love a card or letter through the door!

In the midst of the move and its ongoing process I took a backseat on the social media front! Deciding not to post daily.
Art is an expression of faith and a way to communicate, however it can be a pressured load and time to slow and listen is absolutely necessary.
I obtained a little book from which I will share an extract with you now.
Qualities of a spiritual warrior by Graham Cooke

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46
is the best advice you will ever receive on spiritual warfare.

Warriors revert to their inner place of practical stillness as a way of life before God. Warriors go into their place of refuge to discover God so that they may exit from the fortress of His presence to combat the enemy.
Life in the spirit is one of developing Godly routines.

On my iPhone I have a wallpaper which states, His Way Over mine
This is taken from a message given to us last December by Juliet Barber one of our pastors at Chroma Church.

Some words speak to my heart. The words I started this blog post with are those words.

His ways over mine. We use words that say the same thing. Words of songs that say a truth that inspires us aright.
It is well with my soul.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding..
I do not understand, but I believe in you.

Own words that stay. Inside you. Impact you. Speaking life over you.

In the journey of life I can see how I’ve fixated on a problem and while trusting in God I’ve focused less on the solution which is Jesus but I have tried to solve the issue. I’ve laboured with anxiety. Choosing worry over joy in the Lord.

His mystery over mine.

Recently I have read a book by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

He writes,
I am content not to understand, as a child of God bought with the blood of Christ, I will stand firm.

Words need to become personal. To hear from the source yourself. This is the place that strengthens and ensures you are focused and your life is joined with Christ.
The words here were whispered by the Holy Spirit into my heart this summer to encourage me and I hope they may encourage your heart too, the Fathers heart to mine and yours

Nothing will crush you, for your reliance is on me.


I write them over the unsplash photography. A picture of freedom. I place them on my iPhone offering a reminder to my soul. Words spoken over me by the beloved. The spirit and the bride say come.

Return again to the words that encourage you, to scripture that can live in you.

Psalm 61
Shoulder me to the rock above me.
You are my protection
You are my fortress.

You won’t be crushed, remember His truth over mine. His presence, His peace.

May the Holy Spirit come close and speak His words for you, into you.
In the mystery He speaks and always remains faithful. His way over mine.

Love Rach x


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