I live a narrative of joy

fullsizeoutput_125fShe reads her morning prayer, the one she scribbled down then typed onto white paper. Whispers quietly in the yet still dark. The truth inside her heart.

I live a narrative of joy.

It came to her then. Like a beautiful light inside her. The aspect she knew to be around her, within her.

Narrative of Joy.

Not just a nice hashtag but a story lived inside her.

How joy despite the anxiety and the ache of living. Yes! There is always joy.

A candle flickering in the darkness. A rainbow in the rain. A friend who journeys with you. The book that holds words that give you strength.

The joy is right there. As I breathe in the choice to choose courage not fear. In the tears of overwhelm.

Joy danced like light on a puddle. Reflecting wonder in seemingly ordinary things. Yet nothing is ordinary.

Finding joy. Living it. It is a gratefulness that lifts the soul. In Ephesians it says, ‘Gratitude is our dialect.’

In Colossians 1 it says,

hearts can soar with joyful gratitude when you think of how God made you worthy to receive the glorious inheritance freely given in the light.

Joy sparkles like the firework. Joy lives inside the burden of the day.

It came to her as she reads and whispers the prayer.

I live a narrative of joy.

Not bubbles and pretending.

It’s a deep, soul rooted childlike trust.

A way of living that does not diminish the tears she felt falling down her face. It acknowledges then the the feeling of it. Yet. Right alongside there’s the joy. Ever present. Never fading. Presence of a peace. The Shalom Shalom of her night time prayer she scribed.

She stops breathing at the wonder of it. Intakes a deep, long, breath at the Hope of it.

Joy takes her by the hand. Lifts her eyes from the anguish of heart. Sings it’s song anew. As the years grow inside of her she knows this joy is not transient. It’s present.

A gift bestowed. An oxygen. A peace. A perspective of the better part. Joy forever unfolding.

She remembers the words of scripture.

Who for the joy that was set before Him …

The fruit of the spirit is joy.

The joy of Psalm 23.

She has spoken this offering before. This early morning as light is rising in the sky. The sun taking its turn. She knows He gives her a gift. One that has shadowed her.  From where she stands she views the chromatic colour of joy.

A kaleidoscope.

Eternities Light.

Wonder at the snowflake, the uniqueness of the ice crystal. The reflection inside a muddy puddle, bringers of joy. The awesome uncontainable God Glory that brings His presence close!! Joy indeed!

It’s the deep working of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the much afraid inside her has been given a gift beyond her comprehension.

A perspective of joy.

Her narrative.

Her story.

Listen now as the birds sing their morning song. She prays for her dying friend. Sorrow is not a stranger. Inside her is brokenness. In others she finds it too. She is not afraid to journey alongside. Inside is always joy.

A joyous God fills the universe. Joy is the ultimate word describing God and [God’s] world. Creation was an act of joy, of delight in the goodness of what was done. It is precisely because God is like this, and because we can know that [God] is like this, that a life of full contentment is possible.

Dallas Willard (Life Without Lack)

It seems then this joy. It’s like a gift placed inside her upturned cupped hands. A constant discovery. A daily delight.

That Joy you hold in your cupped open hands. It is unlike a transient snowflake. Joy is incessant, for its founded in eternity.

A childlike awe, that place where gratitude grows. Never ending.

Her narrative of joy.

Her gift for her daily journey.

The Fathers gift to her.

She slowly mouths the words in the quietness of the morning hour.

Narrative of Joy.

Thank You. It’s her prayer that umbrellas her world.

Thank You.

Narrative of joy.

Joy dances then. Inside her brokenness is a healing.

The very wings that lift her up to keep going.

His gift.

Her narrative of joy.


Psalm 16:11 Amplified Bible

You will show me the path of life;

In Your presence is fullness of joy;

In Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

Brene Brown states,

I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude and inspirational faith.


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