Morning Prayer


Each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you
Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the alter and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.

Psalm 5

The Passion Translation

I sip my morning mug of tea
And bring myself to thee.

pause in His presence

I offer gratitude for the shield of grace and its unforced rhythms that gently help me walk into persevering.

Grateful for your goodness over my life.

Thank you …..

for your presence peace and comfort that is mine through the Holy Spirit.

For such love expressed through your Father heart for me.

For the cleansing redemptive work through Jesus my saviour.

Bring fresh revelation today.

Enable a right perspective to see what you you see.

Set my focus.

Keep me in love, power and sound mind.

pause in his presence

Thank You for making me in your image.

May i carry your beauty forever in my heartand let it spill out to those around me.

Let me slow enough to be with you.

Let me dream wildly enough to be brave in you. Together we pushback the pushback

I am your poetry. God, Yours is the glory.

I live a narrative of joy.


Unveil within me the limited riches of your glory.

May supernatural strength flood my innermost being.

Great is your faithfulness

keep me obedient to You.




As promised in Deeply Rooted  I  publish for  you a morning prayer and night time prayer.

I also wrote out a prayer for ‘others’, to incorporate those who I’m currently interceding for at this time.

Perhaps you can write your own. Let me know if you do.

Love Rach x


3 thoughts on “Morning Prayer

  1. Hi Rachel, Don’t you remember the phrase “So heavenly minded, no earthly use” Since we watched the ‘Shack ‘ and ‘A wrinkle in time’ on reflection I think I am being prompted by the Holy Spirit to lift my eyes on’ things above’ in the Heavenly Realm. This doesn’t mean that I don’t counsel anymore, but I and Bill have been led to pray for people on a Sunday recently. This is something we always did, but because of changing Church it doesn’t happen regularly. I tell clients I don’t offer prayer ministry which is true, but I am dependent on the Holy Spirit always to help me help others.

    My prayer this morning

    Lord take me higher. Amend
    Love always, Carol


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