Deeply Rooted

She began reading from Psalm 1.

Slowly she took her eyes from line to line.  She halted there.  A place of tree roots and rivers.  Deeply Rooted.

She typed it out, letter by letter making it look pretty, then she could find it again.  Those words beautifully lettered.  She ponders them.

Deeply Rooted.  Slow like her word.  Wild like her journey.  It’s a Word in action.  It’s time.  Unhurried art.

The years are her art.  She folds them away.  Deep learning of curves and failing.  Of pain and devotion.

She has lived inside a lot of lies.  Her innocence belies her.

Another grief comes to her heart.  Not of loss.  It’s the lies that crush her daily.

The voices she believed.  She served too long.  She has a melody sung over her now.  The truth is going deeper.  Rooted.  Framed by the map of life.

She reads the words; Not fear but love, power and sound mind.

Love, power and sound mind.

She types it up into her Morning Prayer.  A kind of liturgy for March.  A declaration of truth, power and sound mind.

Another way the root of truth digs deeper into her heart.

She wants it there.

On repeat.

Her showing up matters.

Her prayers break heavens spaces because she’s His child.

He hears her.

He hears her.

Love, power and sound mind.

Thankful for the reminder.  Let us be encouraged to write and pray.  To find our story of joy.  Our narative.  Deeply rooted He holds us strong in Him for the world to see.

God Colours in all our uniqueness and holy manifestation of The One True Light.

Love, Power and Sound Mind.

She whispered the prayer she wrote to Him for the night watches.

She utters it slow.  Her doxology.

She is Deeply Rooted.

Tree Sturdy.  River flowing.

She rests now.

Truth singing its melody over her.

Daily it’s a decision to choose courage.  To pray the prayer of faith not fear.

May I encourage you to write a prayer of your own.  Affirming you in Gods Word.  Truths to declare.

Over the next few days I will publish my morning prayer and my night time prayer, for you.  Scripture spoken.  His word in us.

By writing your own, it roots you in the Word and searches your hearts desire.

It is a progressing, evolving pattern of listening and writing!

Love Rach x



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