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Inspired by the daily prompts, I took up the challenge at the start of January  to write my 500 words for 31 days, emailed daily into my inbox by  Jeff Goins 

I chose to do one of those 31 days  as my blog post to share right here!

There have been so many times as I wrote  into the notebook that says, ‘written in the stars’ on the cover, where my pencil simply swept across the page as if I was in a timed exam!  Not because I felt pressure you understand, but because I just found so many words to put down on the particular subject!

If you like writing and would like an encouragement to do more then check it out!


We are at the beginning of a New Year and I am writing about endings!

I was caught up with the wide swing the word offers to my soul. Like a pendulum swinging from one side to another! From sadness to joy.

The door closes.  The End.

The hard work completed.  The End.

The story completed.  The End.

The sun sets. The End of a day.

The clock ticks, ending a minute, five minutes an hour. Our moments End.

Children’s stories, as I remember in my early years of reading Enid Blyton, the last page concluded with a final paragraph and the words ‘The End’ almost a signing off.

The finish.

There are many endings in life.  There are endings of relationships through loss and through letting go of friendships and places and all the small things in-between.

Sometimes the end comes at the completion of the exam paper! Such relief!

Sometimes the end comes for another bringing a different way ahead for you.

We can feel the exhuberance of joy and be overwhelmed with sadness.

How do we handle our endings well?

I consider this now and wonder how do we move certain into a narrative of joy.

We are exhorted to, rejoice always.

There is an element of embracing our now.

He is our very present help….

The beauty of now is that we can live a successful valuable life inside our narrative of joy because we lean on a rock, jump off from a sure place, take the step.  Keep on keeping on.

Identity.  Where do we find it.  Where is our peace sourced.  This answer enables us to discover how we can end well.  Do we find our identity in food, people, places, stuff, the affirmation of others.  I could easily lean into all these things!

I discovered afresh how we are a poem.  Ephesians 2.  The essence of who we are comes from the creator. When we lean into the other things in life and not into the creator we lose who we really are.  The poetry we write loses the purity of perfect love with which we need to write most effectively with.  We relearn how best to write our poetry into the world.  Getting back to our identity, our endings offer a significant meaning and we are resourced with a love that comforts, strengthens and teaches us always.

We achieve our best endings when we embrace our unique identity.  We do this by trusting God absolutely.

You will find joy.  Just look.  Your endings can bring joy inside them.  Lean in and trust. Find Hope.  Tall as you are.  Even in your endings.

It is perhaps in our yearning and setting our minds perspective that we can work through the darkness of some of our endings.  We can embrace the truth and disown the lies.

Through my life I’ve embraced endings with the full embodiment of the highly sensitive! Feeling every small stone in my shoe, so to speak!  Dip at the loss of friendship.  Struggle over change and how I mourn over the ending.  One cannot bypass the feeling and the struggle, for right inside that is the building up of strength and tenacity to endure. Folding gratitude into your mix there is a recipe for waking up in your morning to meet joy.

In the places where your heart is broken inside you, where the shattered needs mending because your ending is hard. We hone into building resilience into ourselves and sharing those tools with others.

At the time of writing this I noticed it was my grandmothers birthday.  She passed away when my son was born, many years ago.  I remember her poise.  Her resilience.  Her strength as she dealt with her many endings.  Grief as her son died at 21.  War time.  A life’s unfair challenge, change of home and life style.  Living life alone, being widowed young.  We learn so often from observing others.  We are modelled to and in turn model for others.  My grandmother kept going, she held on to her focus in life, her faith.  She kept in community.

I continue to be inspired by others who display the truth and act them out in love.

Endings.  Drinking a mug of hot coffee.  The brown liquid finds its way through your lips. You’ve enjoyed the drink.  It has an end.

Take a swing in your local park.  Walk away.  The experience has ended.

Close the contract on your job and walk away.  The end of a pay packet and a closure on that part of your life.

Does anything endure.

There is One who offers a hand to you in life.  Who brings an eternal viewpoint. One who says, ‘I’ll hang out with you always.’

The assurance is to know our endings have a bedrock.  Our God offer us his love to help us endure.  He gifts us with an identity and purpose that figures out the complexity of endings that may break us.

Like my Grandmother before me who offered an example, a strength, to live by.  So we also can bring our endings good and bad into a dynamic daily meaningful journey.  We choose.  Sharing then the tool bag or resource to assist ourselves and others along the journey.  Live it well.  Ever learning the unforced rhythms of grace in your unique slow and wonderfully wild life.


May the journey we all take this year be one that enables us to slow a little and embrace our endings well.

May we know the love of our Father God that strengthens us in power and keeps re-filling us with hope through all our endings in life.

May we have courage to find the wild and couragous inside ourselves trying a new way that is our uniqueness and beautiful identity.

May each new day and each ending of the same bring gratitude. At  each sunrise and setting bring love into the daily mix of living.

Romans 5:13

May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Clifton Bridge. Bristol in January

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