January 2018

Hello 2018.

And so the year begins with its plans and dreams and dreads!

Happy New Year to you.

May for you it be one that supports the best of hope and best of visions and wild flowers always.

I have a plan that has already begun!

Notebooks and pencils lined up!

Words written over several decades will be scored and circled and hearts drawn around them.

I walked into a Christian book shop in October while visiting Dorset.  I browsed the ‘devotionals’ shelf, an inner voice said, you have read so many  books surely you could write one of these yourself, for me this was not completely a new idea.

I am not a theologian, so the notes will be more a personal reflection. My inspiration of a bible based faith and how I keep growing in that.

My story of the Lords faithfulness.

So inside my word(s), slow and wild, my journey for this year, I’m also planing to write a note each day for 365 days. To collate. To gather.

A daily entry into the notebook shall be pencilled on to the fat lines and short white pages.

Not content to set this challenge to write daily for a year, I’ve taken the challenge to write 500 words a day for 31 days!!

I’m using another notebook. A pencil and, with much addition of words, I completed Wednesdays task. I needed to stretch my thinking. Normally I write concisely. Stretching out my thinking challenges me!

Today, Thursday, I was jump started in my thinking having read a post on social media. This resonated deep inside. Free flow of mind and pencil flew across my notebook. The notebook- a Sainsbury’s navy blue cover, A5, that has in gold letters, ‘Written in the stars’.

It always involves identity and journey. I wrote about letting go of should do. Taking grasp of a deeper meaningfulness. A journey of joy and peace.

Another blog I read was by Sarah Bessey, she writes, ‘ I have to learn slowly and diligently to practice Shalom in my body’.

I listed how that looked for me and how it involves each part of me; hands lifted to worship. My body bowed in reverence. My hands expressing in writing and emotions. My face offering kindness not necessarily adorning beauty! There’s is of course so much more.

Do you find reading and writing affords you expression?  Gives your mind a voice when words are hard to say aloud?

Could you be brave and let your mind and body give expression to a deeper work going on inside you?

Annie Spratt Unsplash

Have a beautiful January

Love Rach x


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