A Slow-lived Life or my slow and wild 

Dahlias gifted to me from my neighbours garden

Hello, thank you for joining me here at rachnotes. Journeying on in faith, always learning as part of the

Discovery of life.


Slow down you move to fast you’ve gotta make the morning last just kicking down the cobbled stones etc *

Slow down stop and smell the flowers.

We take time to slow.

Maybe it’s a deliberate act of being aware

Paying attention

Daisies at home rachnotes

I am considering in this autumnal season the small word, slow.

In seasons of life our days can be a tornado of activity and can produce in us a difficulty stopping. We continue to find the next thing to hurry on to.

I can remember my own mother when walking somewhere it seemed every step was hurried. In turn, I took on the same hurried pace as I too seemed unable to slow.

I am considering the word taking it into both sacred and ordinary living. Of which there really is no divide anyway. I step onto the floor as I slip out of bed and the fast process of living begins. Bringing faith and living into one fast pace place.

It could be the season I am in, but I’m considering this word #myslowandwild. One has to create a hashtag of course!

Words bring clarity to my day. They have power and influence.

Bring the slow into the kitchen as I bake and turn the sausages for the family supper. The panic rises as the time frame looms large on the clock. Inside I’m churning. We can change that frame. Breathe and slow up in the turning of the little porks!

It can make each moment in the day quite different. Very different.

Hence my slow and wild.

The leaf and colour and season can be slow in the way we pay attention to it. The way we sift and organise our choices.

Be still, be quiet.

Notice the small ordinary wild in your living space.

That is how I’m seeing the challenge.

Paying attention to the word on a page, listening to its message.

Reading the text and not judging it.

Praying the sacred into my slow and wild.

You may notice a fallen leaf sitting still in the misty morning low light. You may slow to pray with a friend even when you struggle to know how best to phrase your words.

You may not fully understand why you’re misunderstood by those you’ve loved the best and even not loved back.

Yet you stop to consider the ways you are loved in an eternity that surpasses the hurry and worry of your world.

Therefore as we take this journey. I pray for God inspired breath revelations right there in my slow lived, washing up gloved moments, praying as I pot the tulips for spring, choosing courage and boldness instead of fear, to move forward into the unknown wonder of the days ahead. Living in a better self worth. One founded in the place of my connection and identity.


In reality, time isn’t the enemy 

Faster isn’t the answer

Undone isn’t the problem 

And slow is actually part of the solution 

Dr Alicia Britt Chole

That’s my  Part 1 notes
Love Rach x
*Simon and Garfunkel-Feeling Groovy


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