Some Notes on Spiritual Legacy & Mindfulness 

Thank you for coming along this journey with me as I type onto my page here at rachnotes. 

May you rise in with love dear friend. 

Some years ago I wrote an essay for my English Higher on Faith Focus about my Dad living out his belief in God  and the legacy it left in my life and others most probably too. 

Authenticity and transparency ribboned around the words faith legacy or spiritual legacy. The character that walked and sought God, prayed and kept accountable to her Heavenly Father. She weaves into her world value that’s eternal. She hopes to emulate hers Fathers commitment that he demonstrated in his 57 years of living. 

She muses over the recent year or so. Could you ever have planned to walk this journey? Leaving your job and spending your precious present moments with your Mother who was to live her last few months of life.  Living your life walking the path of #slowliving. Not slow really but deliberate and intentional making choices that seemed out of control at times and out of your grasp. Death is a journey of surrender.

Looking at the world with a new view. Using technology to soar and not sink.

To fail. To run. To fail, yet run again.

Knowledge gifted with the therapist who taught mindfulness to help you choose the right values, to know your own thinking. Indeed when you are the therapist and should be showing your clients the therapeutic tools. Upside down world!

It turned around on me. I read and I learn and dare to think there is another way. 

Breathe is where it’s at. 


Headspace taught me that. 

She has the tools. 

Running, breathing. Owning the morning. Mornings like these are where she is most alive. 

Where the rubber hits the road, the saying goes!

Inhale and take the fresh breezes of a new day. She jogs slow. She is outside. She feels alive.

When life squashed her and made her feel small she finds the ability and resources to be strong again.

Legacy teaches us we can do this. It was lived out before us. In the war times, redundancy, sickness. Endurance. 

The mind can learn new pathways. The counsellor advises. 

Be brave  and take a new route. There is another way. 

She grasps the camera and her creativity and mindfulness takes her to new horizons. 

My Dad left a legacy. We work it out uniquely. Our journeys desired the same – to finish well. Dad did finish well with honour and integrity. 

 May I share some words by author Sarah Bessey who also writes on legacy with a similar heart 

 – ‘Nothing starts with us and it won’t end with us, we are part of a bigger story‘. 

She continues and I’m with her on this ; 

i want to finish strong …….. 

The idea of legacy, of a heritage of faith, of the cloud of witnesses feels more real to me now than ever before‘. 

When looking at legacy backwards in my  case of now both parents, I’m observing ordinary intentional living. The gift demonstrated. To me. 
One of my favourite treasured blessings is gathered as a family listening to the radio, I’m  seated on the floor leaning in at my Dads chair just simply sipping tea and being together. 

Ann Voskamp terms that presence. 

She writes about presence 

The gift of presence has an expiry date. 

The legacy carries on though. It is true that we need to be present and to finish strong. We endure because we are taught how to. Legacy of intentional living out the gospel demonstrated from all those around us. 

Hebrews 12 

The Message

Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way

the Voice 

 So since we stand surrounded by all those who have gone before, an enormous cloud of witnesses, let us drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to us and slackens our pace, and let us run with endurance the long race set before us.

Legacy has its trail and I’m leaving one too. I remember an aunt who prayed and the grandmother who loved. The friend who linked my arm and the wise words of a doctor and confidant. The women who taught us as young girls then wives. 
Seeds are sown every day. Deposits of grace. Purity and simplicity. 

There are those who teach you about light and how to see it. 

Peonies in the garden take on new creative opportunities. He’s the creator let’s be the best art we can. 


She’s resting and working and feeling the anxiety but it’s okay. 

Healing gathers its beautiful floral fragrance around her. 

Embrace the wonder of each new day. 

  • Rise, my 2017 / 365 word! Should she leave a legacy let it be this – in life we can always rise

We can walk our journey and keep rising. And finish strong. 

Kim Walker-Smith writes these words on the album, On My Side. 

You say rise, You say rise 

And draw me from the ashes of the night 

So I rise, yes I rise 

To live inside the heart that beats with mine

Paying attention with thankfulness gives power to rise, She prays that seeds of gentleness and hope inspire others to rise. Let’s leave a legacy that encourages others to rise daily. 
Perhaps the journey must be lived with our full attention and the rest is left to the Angels?

Thank you for the company. 

Love Rach x 


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