About Pink Petals and Grief 

Gazing.  She ponders.  Takes in her view. 

She’s excited to hold the present in her hands. 

This particular moment smiles inside her heart. 

Pink petals circle around her feet.  God’s love kisses her. 


The burning bush moment

He is serving joy in her grief. 

He, the throned Eternal serves. 

Dances the spin of blossom falling. 

Lifting her heart as she breathes Friday’s sharp spring air! 

Ann Voskamp writes in her blog on platforms –

You will most deeply find yourself when you find yourself serving others — and looking up into the face of God.

My moment of Holy ordinary wonder, where encircled in beauty of fallen pink tiny petals, I’m spent with gratitude.  She holds joy which outwardly lets joy dance though she is so very still and very small inside.  The capture only holds her moment.  She’s delighted He holds her for more than a moment, because no one else can hold her like this.

Beauty ministers deep into the heart that sees the world so torn, such brokenness and so much confusion.

Like the sparrow and the flowers and the supper.  Provision is prepared for us. 

Step in time with grief.

Hold out the bread and wine. 

Encourage the supping and belief. 

Inspired to rise

The blogger talks of lowering not rising. 

To rise, I humbly offer myself to the beautiful and Holy moments that fly like the wind and dissipate into dew and sunshine.  A new day.

Another prayer. 

A sacrifice of slowing and letting go. 

A hand holding a mug of coffee sips and whispers the words for her sister who cannot see and life overwhelms her. 

She understands this.  Her eyes often cannot see either. 

We hold each other’s hands the dark not offending us.

We journey together. 

Extravagant grace extended to us both. 

We need and grasp it. 

We pray it into others lives too. 

We are we.  As the trinity showed us to be. 

George Cibu
Grief it seems as some may ask, gets hold of my being.  Grief is life.  It is offering and departure, it is betrayal and the thing that stops your breathe awhile.  It’s okay.  She feels things so deeply.  The smallest loss is known.

So grief is on this journey too.  The thing I want to say the most inside these notes, is it’s okay and she’s never alone. 

Her vulnerability brings honesty, accountability and authenticity to the world. 

Life’s grief and its sadness comes alongside joy and dancing and petals falling. 

Grief is life.  I’m sure C.S.Lewis must have a quote there somewhere? 

Fellowship of suffering. 

All shall be well. 


Rach x

Thank You 💐

Thank you to the artists whose inspirational words and amazing art I share in this blogging space. 


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