Identity On Repeat

Sharing some notes about identity and the need to keep returning to exactly where the root and valiadation is founded. Let’s chat

A bouquet of sharpened pencils, vibrant colours. Essentially so as sharp perform well. 

Identity, that person inside me embraced or ignored – to grow into something significant or a battle of fear because I refuse to be fully me. 

How to be definitively me! 

It was a young women praying into this older woman’s life that spoke the words that are scribed into my bible, ‘fear is not your identity.’ 

Revisiting,  putting identity on repeat is necessary because it’s about relationship with my Heavenly Father.  This is a needed asset in life, to know where my belonging is rooted and whose love builds me up the best and enables me to rise.  Ah! My word for the year. Rise. Putting that on repeat too!! 

I’m Reading Christy Wimber’s new book,  Transformed.

I jumped straight to the chapter on Identity! 

And made a note by these words:-

This isn’t about getting your life together so you can work for God; This is about you being loved by God.

 Identity is born close to the heart of the creator,  no doubt I’ve typed this out before. 

It was during  a chat over coffee with a friend I discussed this topic with new insight.  As a woman the story of identity is poignant and of relevance putting the right perspective as it can be either life giving or destructive.

What is spoken or taught in our early years can be manifest in our adulthood.  Who does not have an issue there! 

In conversation we agreed that there is the need is to revisit this.  I’m terming it ‘on-repeat’.  To affirm our identity.  As we are exposed to voices, images and society our identity can become warped, spoilt, lost, or abused. 

So much of our identity is redeemed by the acceptance we get in salvation.  Ephesians 2:10 says the Voice version –  ‘For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus.’

As I’ve looked again into the subject of identity I have unfolded the truth of it.  It’s a journey.  One being revealed as we open up and take risks.  One step at a time.  Surrendering to vulnerability.  Being you, being real


On Repeat 

We come back to knowing who you are in character, in thought, in creativity, in your spiritual search of that most holy thing. 

You are beautiful . .

You are brave . .

You are You

Words do not validate your identity . 

What do you know to be true?

Stripped of comparison, critical talk and anothers perspective, instead to embrace a spirit of True Love. 

One that lets her live a full life. 

That brings grace

Then refills the gaps that life keeps cracking open. 

Again and again. 

Identity needs a belonging. 

We learn on our journey as we change and open handed reach out to find the person that’s us. 

Our vulnerability is strength.

I love the words typed by Erin on her blog Designformankind she talks too of the journey;-

Rather than setting a goal to encourage the arrival, consider setting a compass to encourage the journey.

She continues 

 Find your compass in something unchanging, something that you deem true and stable and secure.

After my conversation with my young friend and my readings this last 24 hours I’m so resolved now to put this on repeat. 

In my notebook this week,  I penned these words that help to keep me on repeat that unworthy lie that I’m no good and I am shall we dare call it beautiful!

In my notes I have written;

When my daily need to foster my identity is folded into Being Still and knowing God. 


I continued. . 

His characteristics of unending Love, amazing  Grace, creativity of light and colour and Glory that I get to share, now that right there is one awesome identity.

I’m maturing in a fragile way. 

Vulnerable and strong. 

I will repeat it oft.

Perfected in a person who can bring me completeness.

She is saddened and hurting in the separateness, she feels it like a sorrow even after resurrection day.  Her identity feels broken.

She considers the pencils …

The intensity of colour will only be effective when the razor blade sharpens like a purifying of the pencil.  The bouquet is vibrant and put to use after the owner ‘prunes the branches.’

My identity is enfolded in a moving frame of time where the body and mind and sensitivity feel the very vibrations of each tiny fracture.

My identity enfolds itself into the eternal One who never changes. 

Deep peace only helps me fly if it’s founded in the One who stays unchanging ; The “I Am”

May the beautiful young woman who clarified my identity with affectionate aplomb, and the amazing talented young lady who shared a new conversation with me to keep my cycle of returning to my true identity, may they know the family of God is necessary and the young Timothy or Alice has much to teach us in our walk with God . 

Thank you my dears


Rach 🌷 x


Genesis 1:27 Psalm 139 

Jeremiah 31:3 1john3:2 


2Timothy4:12  1John3:2


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