In the here – in the now

Following some precious ordinary moments with a friend eating sandwiches drinking tea and sharing conversation together, I reflected afterward how present I felt on the lunch time bench in her garden. 

Being present is becoming quite a cultural word. We all need to be present. Stopping. Noticing. Being aware of what is happening and not to be distracted! 


Intentionally living. 

Life’s exciting but often stressful fast paced whirlwind finds us daily lost in the next project, plan, recipe, tragedy ….

I love the scene we find in the bible  of Jesus leaning on the table sharing sea, sand, fish, wine and time together. 

Being in the now. 

In the every day standard do we lose something? 

An awareness of another. 

A tiredness in a friend. A distraction that requires attention. 

A leaf in its unfurling process. 

Ability to embrace quietness to just be with someone. 

As I type these notes to share with you, Easter approaches.

Am I present with its Hope and message and mystery. 

Do chocolate eggs and worries and menus vie my mind. 

Can you not stop and pray for one hour? 

Jesus words to his friends.

Can I move into slow living. 

Taste the food. Hear the sea. Know the words spoken are heard and prayed .

The words echoed here by Emily Freeman who encourages us to 

Celebrate the small moments. 

And by 

Pete Grieg in Dirty Glory

Today may we be granted ‘ Epiphanies of the ordinary’

To slow 



God . 

For me all year boast the resurrection, I find that I’m always on a quest to know more of Him and the power of this resurrection. 

Suffering and gratitude take their place in it all. 


I lack not, for goodness and love pursue me, eternal hope and perspective are my view from here in this present spot. 

Your beauty and love chase after me

    every day of my life.

I’m back home in the house of God

    for the rest of my life.

Psalm 23the message 

Psalm 23 💐photo rachnotes_
I return to the familiar psalm and find refuge challenge and hope in my sadness as I cope with change all around me. 

A saviour pitched His all for me. 

Likes me 

Daily rescues me. 

In the resurrection I find supernatural Hope sits in with my ordinary being and living . Alongside the miracle we eat fish and talk about love. 

As the song writer put it 

‘This is living now’ 

Happy Easter 💐

Love Rach x 


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