It comes to me in waves. 

Crashing over my head.

Gigantic water frothing and submerged in its power

It can cause you to flounder 

Forget the generosity of your God

The feeling isn’t there

The assurance lacking 

One reaches for the Hope 

A c c e p t a n c e

Reaches out to be validated 


Inside the waters are winning

Acceptance is hers 

She knows where it is

Faith gifts her with the confidence of her Father

His burdens are light

Breathing in the Holy Spirits Presence 

He says her name 

Louder than the crashing waves –

Quiet as a falling feather 

You are mine 

You are a  precious child 

I give you heavens flowers 

I give you forgiveness 

I give you love unending 

I’m Alpha and Omega 

I’m the story you start and end with

Be not afraid 

I’m with you. 

In the waves I’m there 

In the storm I calm it! 

Acceptance is in Me 

Your Father 

Peace is what I gift to you 

Your mind gets this 

In Me 

amen 💐

Ps : just read the following words in a  book called, Amy Carmichael by Houghton, the words are spoken by Amy Carmichaels mother as Amy was to leave her for missionary work overseas. 

Let us keep our eye on Him – then no wave will swamp us


Love Rach 💐


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