Hello, how are you today?

Do you like words? Sift them and hold them in your head then need to unravel it all in a note book or head for the keyboard. 

It comes to me, a  word spoken or often sung that makes me linger  over it.

Language is a powerful tool and can resonate in our minds in both good ways and hard ways. 

My mothers voice a small softly spoken Scottish accent would utter this word – unwieldy! I am not sure in which context I simply remember the word!

A car drives with good precision turning corners and bends . 

A mixer is switched on and beats the eggs and butter and sugar for your favourite cake. 

Unwieldy explains the process that’s complicated, onerous! Feels weighty. Instead of facilitating an end it makes the process difficult and unnecessarily so. 

How do we handle this in our life’s journey. How do we rise up daily from the conflict that is against us. The machinery or process that wears us down. 

Home buying , camera techniques, old processes these  can seem like we are losing the battle. The relationship that can’t understand you or you them! 

Patience gets frayed the emotional fatigue wears us down . 

With clarity I hear a voice of wisdom that speaks often into my ear. A gentle voice that echoes a truth to live by and this is one . She said it clear one day. You will wherever you go meet that unwieldy, challenge be it person or task it’s the thing that purifies us and makes us broken and brings empathy into our bones.

Don’t run away but face the burdensome that blocks you. Rejoice in it because of it. 

Work through it and dance on. 

We remember the fig tree..,

Or Cherry Tree as the Message puts it

Habakkuk 3v 17-19 –

Though the cherry trees don’t blossom

    and the strawberries don’t ripen,

Though the apples are worm-eaten

    and the wheat fields stunted,

Though the sheep pens are sheepless

    and the cattle barns empty,

I’m singing joyful praise to God.

    I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.

Counting on God’s Rule to prevail,

    I take heart and gain strength.

I run like a deer.

    I feel like I’m king of the mountain!

Rise, my word this year, teaches me anew that I can rise in the midst of hard stuff, transition, conflict. 

I can rise. 

His grace is sufficient 

His shepherd care fills all the gaps so I won’t lack . 

That’s just exactly why I can rise. 

His presence fills the broken places fills up the  the grief and anxious heart. Gives me a new song. 

This Gospel my friend turns unwieldy into purpose and a plan. 

This girl can rise 

And that’s you too 

If you watch my stories where my small sense of fun found me practicing the boomerang on my Instagram! There I shared a book I’m reading. 

I’m gathering treasures from Chasing Slow. Here’s one to close:-

Erin talks about the breakdown required to create Coral reef 

The break itself is the beauty…. 

In this oft  unwieldy world let’s see how beautiful can be born from broken. 


Love Rach x


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