Determination is not her first ‘go to’ word the would be part of a short list to describe herself. 

Yet, she did posses the tenacity to endure. 

After all she has climbed her mountain this far . 

The long list of losses and even longer of pain and failure. These demonstrated her endurance in the race that’s life. 

I’ve climbed a few mountains in my life . Snowdon.  Ben A’an. A Munro in the Scottish Grampians! It may have been Driesh. 

There’s a photo in the archives!

The great thing about accomplishing the climb is how amazing you can feel . I love walking outside in open spaces the exhilaration of that is great but a climb brings something more. 

Feelings often fight the battle to complete the gutsy task ahead whatever that might be. Persistence is keeping the focus to achieve the end goal. Whether it’s the pile of dishes or the essay or the longer haul of caring or teaching your child. We all need the gift of a tenacious spirit in the challenges we face . Bravely bearing our burdens for that season. 

To borrow the phrase used in the book by Erin Loechner called Chasing Slow’ we need to ‘remove the weight from our wings’. That is a resource we need to learn about to survive. Let’s learn it. Throwing out the stuff that weighs our soul down and finding out the tools that help us fly. 

Examen is a daily practice that’s my slow at the end of the day. The method has evolved.  Its practiced in the evening with a pencil and note pad the etching of the lead unto white pages slows the hurry. Speaks my heart deep and true. 

etching of the lead unto white pages slows the hurry.
The thing that’s vital,  be it a deep breathe or a writing purpose is we do it in accordance with our soul. 

It’s a process. Be resolute in the attention you give to yourself and your soul need . 

It’s your journey. You will walk it. Fill it up full of the goodness of God . 

Love, mercy and kindness bring help mates to this life as you seek to remain steadfast to often unknown routes. 

Don’t give up. 

Let the strong tenacious spirit spiral up daily to achieve the end goal – completion as ordained by our creator Saviour and Lord. 

This girl can! Keep pushing through you will get there.

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