Thank You

My day begins early, as I type this to you the clocks spring forward in the United Kingdom. The dark mornings opening out into lighter evenings . 

Gratitude sits well with me. As I gather words to share the journey I take time to consider the wonder in my every day that touch and reflect my soul. 

In this she rises because she is Being held by Hope in Christ Jesus her Saviour . 

It’s here in the seconds and minutes of the present with cupped hands to treasure the appreciation of small gifts of life which sprinkle loveliness into my whole being daily. 

Coffee in a take away cup by the road side. 

Words listened to as they are spoken over the radio. 

A smile. 

A hug. 

A blue sky. 

A grey sky. 


Apple-crisp of the wind. 

Old book. 

Taste of a banana. 

One little girl sharing her joy with me of her gift to her mummy. 

The big issue lady as we exchange a smile. 

A mug of hot water 

And you. ….. My dear reader. 

Thank you for reading my words on rachnotes . 

Lovely to have you here. 

💐love Rach x 


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