I was stuck 

Lost in a moment of empty

Bedraggled by bad vibes

Unable to jump into 



Affirmation didn’t arrive 

I listened to the blog 


She spoke about the perfection of social media


She talked of worship 

How it takes us to a higher place


I ran in the rain

Sipped my mug of water

Not fixed 

Just supported 

To choose the 

Heavenly Way

One of redemption 




Who wouldn’t want to be there

Loved by a Good Father 

The Authority of skies and earth

*The one who sustains our very breath

~Jesus gets into the boat with me on the days I cannot get out of it, and in his quietness he touches the lump in my throat, the envy at my neck … 


Burdened but with a place to go 
Burdened but with a place to go 

Love Rach x šŸ’

Thankful to those who share their words with the world . I one of those who read and hold the essence and energy and wonder and courage they gift to me this child of God

Thank you 

~Hilary Sharrat blogging at

Thank you 

*24/7 prayer 


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