Hello dear friend – welcome to my faith journey in rachnotes, pull up a chair grab a cushion and a coffee  let’s chat awhile. So glad you are here I love to share these moments with you. 

Let’s begin  with my photograph. One that to me, conveys the word unravel, one that as I look at it I find the words and their context come tumbling out! The searching inside of me that considers how it all fits together. Like a jigsaw puzzle. At least how I expected it would!

It started with a text to a girlfriend. We send a daily encouraging ‘ hi! Often I will try to impress her with some deep truth I’ve discovered or am musing over.

The word or truth on this occasion was: unravelling!

How we try to unravel life’s stuff! 

How we try to comprehend its meaning  it’s depth and complexity- then the thought came to me that we must always remain curious but equally be trusting in the mystery of it all.  You know how it is, I like to know and understand how, why, what and who?

We listened to the song Oceans, where feet may fail. 

The words; ‘there I find you in the mystery’ stood out in my mind. Being aunthentic and present yet too being faith filled. 

Trusting in the mystery . The majesty . The holiness. The Authority. Yahweh. Lord. 

Then sitting in the midst of a need to unravelling meaning but choosing to sit at peace in the mystery of His power and His ways. 

So that’s where we need to keep close to  trust. Like a circle i keep coming back round again  to it. The littlest word with a big impact. 

T R  U S T 

How so small a word can cause me to come adrift from it. 

Reasoning and unravelling to assist in my thinking. To bring about solutions to my anxious ways or micromanage future plans. 

She closes the book, she completes the song. She holds His words . Trust me. I know the way you take. 

She gathers the scripture to her soul, the one she can quote chapter and verse. It is in the living of it that makes the difference . The circle, back to trust, the resting of unravelling. 

Okay, till the circle comes round again . I’m trusting. Casting care. 

How about you?

Love Rach x


2 thoughts on “Unravelling 

  1. I love this phrase you wrote: “choosing to sit at peace in the mystery of His power and His ways.” It’s hard to practice that sometimes, when we long to know all the how’s and why’s, but oh, how sweet it is when we make that choice to trust.

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