Words Matter to me 

Words matter. Deeply. 

For over twenty years my pen has engaged with a notebook. A kind of prayer and self discovery and discipline to my soul. 

A dear Scottish friend lent me a book which talked about journaling like you were talking with God your Saviour. 

A conversation. I write and listen and write. 

Along the way the note books pile up and additions now in the form of quotes notebooks! I’m gathering them still, small books that have a quote or a saying stuck in them or scribbled with the date and Year and origin! 

Words matter. 

Words hurt. 

Words heal. 

I gathered some prayers sent to me that healed my heart and spoke love into my brokenness. I value those words and the friendship that wove them and prayed them over me. 

Open up your heart then to the good words that are there for you. 

On  a lonely path or a changing one let words pour over you like the anointing oil of Psalm 23. 

Let the quietness of the winter days and the purity of Christs love enfold you.

His words breathe stillness and know He is the bringer of words that fill you with  strength and courage on your journey.

Know you carry inside you a flame brighter and of greater love because it  comes from one whose words took Him from thecross to triumph. 


I consider this idea of presence. The presence of Christ with us. Always with us . 

It’s His presence that offers me assurance in my daily living. 

I fall and drown then am reminded of His love and constant presence that brings such joy and with-ness is what makes life meaningful. 

The Lord is my shepherd 

In it all He is with us 


Hath He ever failed thee yet?

Never never wherefore fret? 

Amy Carmichael 

If my words take circles, forgive me. If my words form a need, know me. If my words show a direction take a slow walk down in the way of  the Word come down to guide us. If my words wander let mercy be our shared portion and love cover a multitude! 

Give me the love that leads the way : Amy Carmichael 

Let’s journey on and rise 
Love Rach x 


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