That Book 

That Book
Absolutely love weaving words into sentences that can inspire the soul to rise up each day. Yet too, aspire to fold words into a book. The ‘papier’ and the picture and the words are my melody, my song!

Is that because a book has oft been my tangible encouragement in life’s journey. The words of another giving a sort of hug-in-words, echoing something that assures me all shall be well. 

Words that help me find my true affirmation in Christ?

My best belonging in The One who lived His words beyond a page, beyond Instagram and beyond a photograph. 

That book I hold of a story, poetry, or art – a masterpiece of someone’s strength in their struggle showing Christ being their Hope. 

Could there be anything more precious than the handheld grasping of words that bring colour and confidence into our living and bring joy, to take our next step into the night. 

That book my dear is in us all. 


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