Celebrating a birthday is a beautiful occasion when faithfulness, love, encouragement and pink fill the balloons!🎈


How’s the word turning out so far?

Rise to be celebrated!!

Dare to rise to feel worthy to be celebrated! 

Rise in the beauty and wonder if it all! 

Drink the cup 

It’s dark and sweet

Eat the bread 

It’s brokenness and fullness 

Celebrating the journey and adventure 

The not so good days when you’ve gone wrong 

Still you’re celebrated 

The days when art flows 

The days when the snow piles high or the rain pitter patters

Be celebrated my dear 

You were won 



So Celebrate the awesomeness of you 

Winter Sunset at Exmouth

(blog post –

Inspired by my 365word and my birthday in January! 

Cake made and designed by my friend Suz and photographed by me  just prior to eating!)


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