I am with you 

Her story of how she was given encouragement in the daily rhythm of living, rising in her good days and bad days reads like this: 

Picture a group of ladies in a seaside town who gathered weekly. Young mums seeking fellowship and a desire to study the bible together. 

This particular week they gathered to pray. Seeking God. 

She was a quiet member of the group. Not known for her revelation in word or dreams!

A beautiful presence was experienced through song and prayer, of a Saviour whose life was given as a gift to the world. To them, to her. She knew it’s gospel well. 

In quietness and trust shall be your strength! 

She, the quiet ordinary girl began to form a dream a picture, a prophecy of encouragement deep in her heart.

She did not know that this Spirit filled picture would serve her immense encouragement in the stormy years ahead. 

The story unfolds in an art form never practiced by her. Yet resonates with her emotionally. 

Like that of a ballerina, she pictured an elegant poised girl, weary from the worries of her world.

She with grace yet postured slump, her legs and arms floppy and feeble, leans into the floor her energy gone. 

Photo : Mykukula 

She cannot take another step. She stays in her curled, coiled sitting place folded forward over her legs. Struggling. Inside and out.

Her Redeemer reaches out, whispers His words. She looks up, faith in Him fuelling her ability to rise.  She begins to unfold her body lifting her form to Him. 

His hand reaches out to her. She wonders can she really continue on. 

She reaches up, believing that He cared for her and could help her. She positioned herself to dance again. 

It was because of the Hope living within her that enables her to dance. 

This was my picture that portrays Hope for life. 

The words of scripture known to her heart, brought meaning that was tangible like holding a bunch of beautiful flowers she could smell and touch its creativity and power to heal brokenness and a fractured world. 

Fear not I am with you 

Don’t be afraid I am your God. 

God spoke to the young girl  with words that heal and ministered life that day. 

He would enable her to rise on the mountains and sharp crags of life, up on the heights. 

The bridegroom cometh. 

He speaks still,  through the Holy Spirit. As He did the day She had her picture. 

Her life’s dream.  
I am with you. 

You are not in this life’s dance alone . 

This affords her a message of grace, hope and love. One that strengthens her to rise.

Humility to know there is a greater, perfect redeeming love that can bring us to our feet moment by moment in our hussle and our mess. 

God is the glory and lifter of our heads. 

She held that picture quite surprised by its format and power!

Still she is reminded that she is held and uplifted through the storms of life. Though she stumble or fail she can rise again. 

Fear not 

I am 



I will

Uphold you 




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