Thank You 

An enormous thank you to my readers and encouragers in this space. 

I value you. 

I appreciate your words and kind counsel. 

Sometimes I find it hard to pay attention. The job list drowns me out!

Today I took the idea from the blog shared way back in spring by @reallyprettyuseful .

I took myself into a different place of paying attention to a project. 

It unraveled me!

The green twine and the way the hoop seemed to happen fascinated me. I’m somewhat used to disasters and tears!!

My inspiration came from here. 

So with twinkling lights and a twist on the yellow my wreath hangs at the kitchen window . 

Imperfect and different. 

It made me realise how much input all you beautiful people pour into others to inspire. 

Let me tell you how much you are an inspiration daily to someone- believe it and grow it. 

I began my new word Rise early. 

It’s filling me with such hope as I see how I can rise daily. Into new adventures.

Every Blessing_

Thank you 

Happy Christmas 

Love Rach 

at rachnotes_


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