Sparkle your way by looking up at the stars ..

She simply loves the Rag  doll, in the little blue dress and pointed red hat! 

She loves the white iced Christmas cake. 

Singing the carols holds a special place in her heart. 

Snow flakes gently falling and frozen curling leaves that make beautiful patterns are the best of decorations.

She considers the words of Job 

Can we fathom the treasures of the snow. 

In the mist of time she closes her eyes and sees a faint reflection. 

Traces history and stories. 

Night time in winter holding her daddy’s large hand she skips along the familiar path. 

Her childhood holding magical moments looking up at stars in the inky black sky and feeling safe. 

She ponders this. 

Knowing the Father of all creation is with her still. 

Earthly folk move on, she feels the big gap, aches her often. 

She looks at the stars, they are so fascinating, a mass of sprinkle sparkles of light. 

She loves the wonder that the heaven holds. 

She ceases to decipher it all but instead stays in the faith and peace of the star that lights up her way every single day. 


Matt 2:10  When that saw the star they were overjoyed beyond measure

Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory. Dr. Seuss

A curtesy of starlight, a hat tip from the moon, a whistle from the wind, signs dawn will dance in soon. Patsy Clairmont 


2 thoughts on “Sparkle your way by looking up at the stars ..

  1. Beautiful words, Rachel! You’re so right–earthly folk move on but our Heavenly Father is with us still. It’s a blessing to have those wonderful memories that sparkle in our hearts.

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