Lead me to You 

 Psalm 61:2Lead me to the rock

    that is higher than I

She took a stroll in the early morning dark. The sun was slowly bringing something of a misty glow into the first day of December.

She took a deep inhale a breath that sometimes felt so hard to do. She felt the loss nip her heart like the cool bite of the morning air. Christmas songs and decorations once more took her by surprise. 

How quickly that year rolled round. 

She quickened her steps gazing along the road to work noticed the berries and the birds.

She knew she had to push through hard moments like these. 

She knew she could. 

It doesn’t stop the missing and the memory but diversions are good and work will give her that. 

It cannot be rushed through or designed . 

It’s just simply Grief. 

It’s the cost of loving and sharing many moons together.

It came to me the words scribed long ago in holy writ that in my moments of overwhelming emotions I’m led to the rock that is higher than I . 

What is so beautiful that the season of anguish is the season of great joy too. She feels it as the shepherds gather and the angels chorus rock the world. She deeply knowing that He loves her immeasurably and aware how Jesus is bringing joy to the hurting heart of this world that needs hope and the relationship that can be all that. Surely He comes small into our world because he comes in pursuit of us. 

Joy unspeakable full of glory 


Love that fills all voids 

One perfect love 

For me

 for you 



2 thoughts on “Lead me to You 

  1. Pondering on this.Why is it that this time of year emotions/feelings seem so heightened/extreme,one way or the other? It seems to be the season of extreme opposites.We are encouraged to reflect, think back over the past year, at the same time looking forward to the new. Everywhere is busy..shops, people, buying, socials and yet Advent is a time of quietly reflecting/waiting with expectation ? The busiest time of the year/so much going on and yet the darkness makes me want to retreat and hibernate.Love it/hate it..

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    1. I have considered much about the season of advent. I have a book that I get out each year. It lists the things I don’t HAVE TO DO!
      This year i began my advent readings early to slowly unravel this glorious season of good tidings! I think there is so much expectation and society offers it’s must do.
      I wonder if we can make a choice to sift out the things that are meaningful and purposeful. Good word that! To choose to be a season of reflection not hustle.
      So many blog about feeling overwhelmed.
      Let’s make different choices.
      Thank you for your thoughts shared Z x


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