Rise to Advent 

Rising to embrace Advent 

the joy to hold the Christ in your heart

 the anticipation. 

The waiting 

The expectation 

I love the hope held in our hearts of a saviour come to break into the world bringing the best hope through Christ born in a manger 

I love the devotional that takes me anew on the journey of faith 

Of hunger for more of who this tiny babe yet too a God in the highest, can teach me. I the flawed one burning a flame that sometimes flickers yet is never snuffed out. 

I savour the stillness and the solitude. 

The harmony of songs that are old and teach us how to feel again. 

Dear Desire of every nation,

Joy of every longing heart

I love what Pete Grieg shares in his recent post:-

‘ While our culture insists that we “hurry,” Advent invites us to be still, to watch and wait.’

I want to choose to watch and wait. 
To choose in the daily moments of our December days to see only Jesus. Knowing when we long for that thirst to be quenched, looking in the wrong place, it’s right there in the lowly space filled with hay and cow dung. It’s on a cross. It’s on a throne. An upside down Kingdom.

I Love the very joy that helps me rise as I wonder at The gift given. 

Come with me and read this prayer 

 etch it’s words into our minds this Advent Season. 


Wake us from drowsy worship,

from the sleep that neglects love,

and the sedative of misdirected frenzy.

Awaken us now to your coming,

and bend our angers into your peace.     


When out in the streets the frenzy came, with a clatter — yet in our hearts JOY sprang up, centred on Who matters. @annvoskamp


Is peace and hope 

Joy is with us always 


it’s the discipline that sings and cries and jumps and kneels 

Joy folds itself around us bringing us to the place of peace and contentment because we trust and wait and know. 

Joy joins us on the journey. 

The very essence of the reason I rise is —

  E m m a n u e l 




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