She’s sensitive to the person whose authority can say words that make her quake! 

Yet she’d rather quack with laughter because it would be way better for her nerves . 

[It’s that repeat that comes like shards of broken shell to her soul]

She resolves to push through the pain in her feet on this beach of broken sea shells . 

She believes in a greater presence than any gift that can be given to her. It’s this reason that when her feet feel the thin shell pierce more than her bare soles. It’s then . She holds tight to her Hope that assails her pain and she gets the scripture that says 

Pressing on , to that high calling . 

She’s definitely pressing on ….

– It happened,  


the impact 

The one that makes me cry 

and curl up and give up inside 

The encounter. 

The conflict. 

The failure . 

The definitely not good enough. 

The tempest in my day. 

It gets into my palm .

 I hold it . 

Cradle it. 

I knew it. 




It’s on repeat. 


I reach out. 

It returns sevenfold 

The encouragement 

Just as needed

The words 

Right notes echo 

A c c e p t a n c e  

that’s the miracle 

  • love Rach x 

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