It can be an issue and  it can be the answer. 


I am searching for it. 

Found it. 

Require to keep on finding it. 

I’m the child with belonging . 


I’m learning 

One –baby –step— at a time 

About security 

Being the daughter- of- the – King 

Stuffed with theory 

I lose 


The experience of the spirit 

unsplash photo


Agape sort 


Cross fought 


Belonging because 

The curtains torn 

‘I am’ wins for me 

Stumbling – I’m held 

Failing – restored

Empowered I push through 

Never alone 

The shepherds rod and staff 

Keep me in the truth 

Psalm 37

Her God has grip on her hand 

That’s my belonging 

I get joy 

Peace and lots of stuff 

This child 

Of God 

Gets holy belonging 


Psalm 37:24The Voice 

And even though you trip up, you will not fall on your face
    because He holds you by the hand.


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