Live Life  in the Questions 

Hello welcome to rachnotes blog . You are most welcome! 

I love discovering  a thought that captures me and holds me drawing me to consider its ways. It offers so many angles rather like my fascination with photography on my iPhone . So many facets! 

Life holds vast experiences for us . Some gladden our heart . Some bring sorrow, that’s life . 

I noticed that whenever I read, be it in a book, or blog,  or social media. In the bible. As we talk with each other, there is so often a question. This small symbol on a page? It is the letters put together to form that sentence to make us think!

Picture ourselves with our mug of coffee musing the question . We constantly are posing a Q U E S T I O N . 

Shall we have tea of coffee ?!! 

What shall we have for dinner? 

Where shall we go  for a walk?

Shall I apply for that position ? Will I marry? 

So many questions fill our daily living. 

Come with me to those deep questions. 

Keeping my place in my daily devotional book I’m using at present is my bookmark a white piece of paper printed out thus:- 

Am I depending on my Father in ways I’ve not had to depend on Him before ?

Am I bringing every care into the presence of Christ?

Am I becoming more fully myself ? 

Emily P Freeman 

I have my book mark accessible so I can look at it regularly. It keeps me asking myself these  questions . In turn I am encouraged. Challenged. Inspired. It helps me on my spiritual journey. 

Soften into the discomfort, read this quote : 

 I love the teaching that we rely on  as Romans 8:28 says trust in the goodness of God. It can be risky or unsafe but always knowing the goodness of God in the midst of your questions . 

That’s just trusting isn’t it. T r u s t . Small word but it can be the hardest . 

Rest in the question. Wait. 

What is the question I ask to myself? 

In the season of change where do I sit? Or stand?  Or dance? 

I once wrote out a quote from a book I  read a kind of focus . Or vision.

It was something about caring and supporting the women of the younger and the older generation to myself ! 

My mother died last year and my role was the supportive daughter . 

I continue to be inspired by the younger generation in my church . 

I pray into their ministries. 

Is the answer to myself the same as before ? 

I have challenged myself to develop some knowledge in photography. 

I have started a blog because through writing words I explore life. 

I’m becoming the mature one! 

The next generation that find retirement on their agenda !

Brave is a word I use with courage and truth. 

Life still pushes me to do, for me the hard thing. Sometimes the very ordinary is the hardest . 

When grey hairs and age blend with time to make me realise the Hope that I have is the thing that steadies me . Roots me. My soul rests on Christ alone .  I consider my questions . 

My question with Aslan, with Abba, with God . Draws me a child of God. 

I listen 

Can you hear. 
It is good 

Listen . . . 


Hear him in the questions 

All shall be well . . . 

I sit with some questions . 

Next step. 

 It’s still in my vocabulary. 

It’s in there with the questions. 

What shall I experience next? 

Choices to make. 

In the question I seek to know. Yet oft has been the case that it’s not known! 

Do the next thing . 

Take a photo 

Write some words down . 

Find loveliness every day 

That’s it right there. 

Beauty in the ordinary moment , joy in the question. 

Verse and adventure – Beauty is found mainly in the destination. It almost  always worth it to stop and soak in the good things. 

Is it in the fire amidst the question where we are shaped by God . 

Is it in the roaring flames of life, Daniels Den . The furnace fire of the three boys. 

The women with her issues . In the tough stuff where our joy is tested to where it’s rooted. 

Walk every situation out with Jesus . The very words spoken by our pastor Juliet Barber. It’s soul keeping stuff. It’s choosing not being afraid in our questions of life.  Don’t let the mystery melt you. Instead grow in your questions . 

I’m finding the questions make me dig deep. It perpetuates. Becomes another question. There is not always an answer . 

My mother was diagnosed with cancer and given 8-18 months . We did not know the date we would see mum end her days it was held in the question. When? We  lived fully valuing our days as a family. Accepting the question and trusting God in the when. 

1 Corinthians 13:12The Message

We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!

How all the shadows we all live with everywhere just prove there is Light. Ann Voskamp 

Maybe then the very question enquiring at life’s  mystery  is evidence of light.

At the beginning of the year a small prayer slips into my inbox. 

It said this- 

As we reflect on the year past and dream about the one to come, may we walk willingly into the great mystery of God. May we learn to accept that there isn’t always a why, a how, or a lesson. But there is always Jesus. And there is always love. EP Freeman . 

I embrace how this develops the idea of the question as one to be walked willingly into. No fear. Gently. Accepting . There is one who is always with you. Do not fear . 

I can get joy in the midst of the questions. 

Don’t be afraid . 

Be gentle. 

God is good. 
We don’t have to have all the answers to our questions. 
We wait in our questions .

Psalm 38:15

I wait for you Lord 


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