Practice practice practice 

Today I’m musing over the idea and value of practice . 

I have just completed a makelight photography course with Emily Quinton. She is a photographer and teaches her subject with such  a passion and beauty. . 

She inspires me . It makes me want to follow her advice . Practice ……practice. 

I used to watch my dad . Digging his allotment and reading his bible. He did not force me to do any of these things but he did inspire me by his daily practice quietly beavering away . 

There is power in those who give away, it is refreshing and nourishing. It throws a value back out there into the cosmos. It is of great value. I think so anyway. 

We cannot be exactly like them but we can follow our own aspirations to practice our own art. 

The very words, practice remind me of the young girl at home required to play the piano daily. 

The requirement of DAILY PRACTICE! 

I did like the idea of  the simple classic pieces, I did like the sound I could create as my fingers touched the ivory and black keys . In a child like way. I learnt good values from being taught to practice. 

The ache was in the voice that spoke to me over my practice . It was often a tearful time. Force was its master. Does it have to be like that? Is that the best way to learn? 

The young girl pianist never grew in the art . 

The English exam taken as a Scottish Higher studying Sunset Song , poetry, developing alliteration and onomatopoeia. Delightful . I chose as an adult to do this course. There was no force the choice to practice was mine . I did practice . All those essays . Quotes. I spent time getting used to the past papers reading them writing and handing in to be marked. 

Practice comes again as I developed an interest in photography and poetry and words to speak my heart to an ear that may hear . 

I’m back there again sitting with the practice daily using the skills taught and trying to learn and developing an ‘eye’. I Practice , learning , disappointment, feelings that I can’t be good at this , pushing through the not good enough . Trying to ignore the comparison game!  Taking the next step and the next when even after much practice mediocre is the result. I believe the thing is – don’t give up! 

“Character is what you are in the dark.” 

― D.L. Moody

Never giving up but practicing in the quiet space . Building character that strengthens us. Practice telling our hearts our daily stories matter. Then step by step bring us into beauty. It is in the space unseen unheard is where we put our practice in. 
So many people share their stories of  P e r s e v e r i n g. 

Against the feeling of  hopelessness. 

I am learning about the value of self worth. 

The value that one is worthy. 

Holding that. 

 I see then the practice comes not because the cross voice is sharply shouting but to the gentle encouragement of ones own heart. 
                                      You can do this!  

Keep going . 

Keep learning. 

Find your way. 

Take kindness, drink it in . 

Move on . 

All the while practicing.  


Falling . 

U p   a g a i n 


Practice . 

Gentle … 

Isaiah 64:8 The Voice 
Still, Eternal One, You are our Father.

    We are just clay, and You are the potter.

We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something 

of worth.

It is in the joining and participating . It is in the kindness and encouragement our practice is made good. The fruits of the spirit both from teacher and student offer the best standards in which to learn . 
Practice makes perfect !  I wonder!! With humour and a little less seriousness we apply to our vision . 

We blossom best when we are given a positive spirit . 

Galatians 5 New Century Version 
But the Spirit produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. 

Practice is a daily , regular activity . We find for ourselves what works . 
I own some daily habits that bring the joy of daily life right back into focus. 
The daily practice of praying . 
Learning new things 
I fold gratitude into a book . . . . 
Words pencilled in ;-
Ordinary coffee 
Flowers growing on the road side 
Kindness in hospitality 

The continuum of daily practice offers life something rich . Glorious. Like a bunch of flowers held and an enormous smile received. 

Practice when we don’t feel like it . 
Gratitude wings as we practice our dream , don’t worry when the world shouts at us 

Just ……

……..Keep on keeping on 

Trust the process 

Practice & practice & practice! 


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