Definition :-

When busyness  and being need room . 

Consider the waves . Sea – storm and calm . Life overlaps us like waves, one white frothy curve after the other . Or gentle ripples stretching the seashore unceasingly . Relentless . 

Be still . Know 

I Am God 

Is it To value the moments when one is not rushing or filling in each gap in the day with events and people. Can we know that ‘still ‘ in life’s chaos too.? Can we choose. Choose to embrace the still , inner still . Anyways. Centred. Perspective. Christ’s. 
Charlotte Gambil on her IG post says, 
The art of still is something we learn over time . Being still is to find that depth of trust and steadiness that no matter what the storm the still within holds us fast. 

 I have experienced when life overlaps and space squeezes us we find the end of ourselves . 

“You can only hear your life sing — when you still.” Says Ann Voskamp – author of ‘One Thousand gifts’.

I discover my still, my steady, my enough is rooted in trust. 
Ephesians 3:17.  Amplified Bible.. so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through your faith. And may you, having been [deeply] rooted and [securely] grounded in love 

Right there you can be filled full with all the resource you need . 


You know the  ‘be still’. As you move in to the waves and wild of your life . That firm root is established in you through the very name and source of it all – Jesus . After all the waves and elements know His name . 

As I move through to new horizons I do so with confidence . When it looks dark . When the way is not clear. I cannot see the artists complete picture . Yet i know His love and Words win. 

If your choosing like me, to close on the overlapping of life- to a slower overlapping . Or if it’s grace to temper the overlapping with wisdom – either way we have the truth  rooted in love, in us. The holy spirit has been sent for this . I send you the Comforter. In there is kindness hope and extravagant love. 

I love the Narnia magic that keeps bringing me back to  holiness and wonder. Knowing that the best place to be is centred in that steadiness.  We trust in His authority to work it out in our lives . Therein is this triune melody. 

He knows us and how how to steady us best 

Let’s be assured in that truth . 

Some words I read and  i hold them  because they speak something deep into me.

Let our verse : Psalm 46:10

be still and know I am God 

Bring ability to discover ~

Inner strength 






in our overlapping days. 

Be secure in that place that holds us and keeps us .

 Assurance in the flapping, 

of life overlapping , 

in the change,

in the waves . 

Still is in us because He is . 


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