Sunshine and the Rocking Chair 

  Words reflecting my thoughts fill my heart and mind spilling out into the ‘notes’ facility  on my iPad . A revealer of truth . Insight into  my spiritual walk. 

Sharing through the keyboard words that are an essence of the the tough stuff of living that we all experience . 

The journey of joy, and embracing the loss in life . 

The small moments where I skip and the moments where I grieve and the moments where the ache of the road is deep. 


 The spiritual life begins with the acceptance of our wounded self 

 Brennan Manning


I love how a God who does this life’s journey with me brings unexpected provision in the ordinary. 

My lack is trusting . That He can be trusted . 


We took a day out from the the routine living of our lives. 

A Mother’s Day gift. 

 My son planned the retreat day to be taken at a lovely rambling old lodge near by. Organised and cared for by two wonderful hosts. 

We arrived at the lodge and were welcomed  warmly and offered coffee, freshly  home made lemon cake drizzled with icing and much prayer and love. 

Later we were served  Lunch and given guidance and prayer. 

A retreat day that was inspiring full of more prayer and walking and sharing . And quiet. 
One precious moment I knew particularly the Presence of the Holy Spirit ministering to me and took me to a place where I could feel the torn emotions of my heart. I knew the tears of loss, pain and fear. In the midst of acknowledging my vulnerability I  knew His embrace and love was covering it all. Knowing that Abba  loved His daughter and held her .

 Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. 

The sunshine after a morning of rainfall warmed the sitting room I was in. 

It brought a gentle heat and light which filled me too. 

 I walked around the the room observing the family photos, books shelf and wood shaped cross .. right next to the cross was a dark oak rocking chair . It’s back was to the window I observed the suns rays that was being directed onto the chair through the pane . 

I sat in it , bravely I thought . For its seemed brave to sit in it ! 

I rocked the chair slowly . Rested comforted leaning back in its wooden warm embrace . 


It felt like being held . A sacred moment of time and place offered me a safe space when tears could  fall down my cheeks and prayers I uttered without words echoing the spirit and sadness of my soul . A longing . A tiredness . A pain that shadows me, just through the very ache of living . 

At this moment your life is a bruised reed, and I will not crush it , a smouldering wick, and I will not quench it. You are in a safe place

Brennan Manning 
                                                           ~ ~ ~ 
The Gift God gives us is to love ourselves – as we are ; after all that is how He knows us . 

That is where He redeems us. That is where we are known . 

Rest in the truth that the safe place is the present place, it is here, now, in this moment.

Be the beloved child your father made you to be. Unique like the snowflakes. Just you . 

No comparison allowed .

Be at peace with who you are and whose you are . His gentle grace and unending love mingles with mercy. 

Rock in the rhythm of who you are in me. 

Accepted in the beloved. 



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