Underrated Ordinary 

Underrated Ordinary  

I am getting affiliated with the hash tag . The sign with two lines horizontal and two lines vertical . One can create their own hash tag . Anything it seems can have a hash tag to it . It brings folk together on a shared topic . 

The log fire in our sitting room was burning and crackling as bright warming flames went up the chimney on this cold winters night . Throwing the old receipts on to the flames from last year, one after another, we observed many of the small slips of paper  displayed the hospital logo  where we purchased a coffee each morning as my mother received her radiotherapy . 

   It came to me then on this chilly February night that the significance of the coffee was an important normality and one to treasure .  # UNDERRATED ORDINARY . 
Thinking of all those purchased paper cups of coffee at the hospital coffee shop . 

Daily visits to see mum in hospital – the drive , parking at our church car park . Walking the short distance  . The underrated ordinary was in that daily cup of coffee . Collecting it from the main wing .

 Walked the hot brown liquid back cupped between two careful hands . Sipping slowly . That routine mattered . In the midst of trauma the ordinary sipping of hot coffee was an essential normality amidst the chaos in our lives right then.

Reverently I say this: that my God daily lives in my messy life. Often hidden. In silence. In the daily prayer . In the walk around a park . In the chores . In the nuances of life . There . Close . Taken for granted . Like my routine coffee , He is the essential ordinary to the breathe in my moment . 

The shepherds psalm . YOU ARE WITH ME . Right there in psalm 23 . The underrated ordinary . We need that nearness . It’s always there . Often dismissed . Yet essential . 

Whatever is lovely….  true … admirable….  think … about it . 

Marvellous wonder of the ordinary . 
Live every experience to the utmost –    Eleanor Roosevelt 

The stone the builders rejected became the corner stone –  .  Acts 4:11


Let’s embrace the small things. Noticing them. Recognising the uniqueness and essential goodness that they bring to our lives. Bringing a deeper recognition, a gratitude of heart as we notice the simple beautiful tapestry woven into our often underrated ordinary daily life. 

Celebrate #underratedordinary . 
rach notes 🌸


2 thoughts on “Underrated Ordinary 

  1. Beautiful, wise words, Rachel. For most of us, our lives are filled with far more ordinary moments than extraordinary! Being thankful to our Heavenly Father for the little things elevates the seemingly mundane to new heights and helps us to live each moment to the full. I love your words and photos, they are inspirational! X


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