A  Morning Note 

A morning note written as I sipped that early morning tea. Sharing a little vulnerability with you today. 
Father God my heavenly Dad . Creator yet lover of my soul . Even loving me . Small me who disappears in a crowd who admires the articulate extrovert . Me! even me, the common daisy in the dew . 

Thank you Abba . 

 I stop in my technology frenzy to breathe the spirit that’s in me .

 To find you in my searching for that comforting word that assuring quote, the flower photo that eases my eye and heart. 

The typed connection that’s surreal . 

I stop . 

I hold the moment .

 S l o w I n g . 

Find YOU . 


Notice my breath . 

 Yahweh . 
Redeeming grace swallows me . I swim in it . I embrace the flow with every stroke . 

Believe in it . It’s work in my heart . It’s consolation . It’s healing flow . It’s forgiveness . 

It’s ability to content my heart . It’s ability to sit with me in my ache to be the blessed that mourn and are comforted . 

It’s great . It sounds great . Trusting in its power . Indignant that it’s enough I’m enough in it . Brave to keep P u s H I n G through the nettles of living, the sting of it . The aloneness it offers . 

Finding peace in the unanswered sway of it all . It’s okay . Feeling the storm staying to feel the sharp wind and cold but knowing always : 

His peace is the thing the passes all understanding, keeps my mind my heart . Held in Jesus . The cross . Hope that is an anchor . Steadfast . Unchanging 

Sit ……with ……. it . 

Bring my words to your world that I can be that transparent voice to the lost world . Bring them into your world not of answers but of hope in midst of the questions . #jesus 

You guide me with my eye Psalm32 NKJV 

Psalm 32:8The Voice (VOICE)

8 I will teach you and tell you the way to go and how to get there;

    I will give you good counsel, and I will watch over you.


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