Mothers Day Reflection 

Mothers Day 2016Flowers filled the shops as the day we celebrate our mothers approaches. 

It’s different this year, along with many others there is the empty space inside us that mothers once filled as we gave a reflection of our love to them through gifts and meals and especially our time . 
Time that so very soon becomes only reflection in our hearts . 

Moments we had with our mother now hidden inside of us . Yet they do become distorted with time . That’s the humanness of it all . 
The Uniqueness of that relationship came to me today . 

That no one can be a substitute for that space they left . No one . 

We need to embrace the wind of change … Go with it . 
Feel the ache . Cry the tears , mourn the loss , value the empty space . 

Be real . 

As we step into the sunshine and cloud of a new day we choose to know we are still loved and valued . We are enough . The eternal perspective leads us to the rock that is higher . Greater , stronger , deeper . 

I quote CS LEWIS ….. As we choose the path of the anointed one ..

. Knowing 

He isn’t safe but HE IS GOOD . 
Let Mother’s Day be one we choose to know that He is our Good mother and Father … 

And love embraces us in the paradox of the cross and resurrection . 

He isn’t safe but He is good


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