To find my one brave grace filled life unraveled in the moment ! 

This moment of quiet when two boys slowly unfurl from their sleep , 

This new year morn where we carry grief over from last year to this . 

A moment when the new year doesn’t change it all . It’s a continuum . 

One moment spills into the next . The ordinary can sparkle like a firework . It’s in seeing the moment holding it ! Being present . Inviting the presence . Christ’s . 

A new year spills slowly into being . I wait actively not knowing how my moments will flow this year . The canvas looks bare . Frightening . Alone . 

Yes … but I’m never alone . Your design is to build . Brick upon brick . Together . I do belong . Help me see that ! 

Hello moment . When it’s stillness it’s hard to photograph but it’s still a moment . Treasured in amidst the heavenly hosts . A beautiful sound that spins and twirls and holds daisies in handfuls loving the moment . 

Be still and know …… 

Right there is the moment . Stayed . On . Thee . Right there is perfect peace . Drink deep the moment . 

Happy new year girl . 2016


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