Plastic Bag

She handed it to me. After the meal. One. Marks and spencer plastic bag. I gathered it to me. But it was heavy. It was handed to my eyore love.

It was gifts not wrapped . But a happy gifts from a friend whose known me and knows me . And . Still . Wants to keep knowing me.

It is books . And . my friends favourite smell in a shower gel. Simply an
Ordinary plastic bag . What it did to my heart was not ordinary though.

This fearful unsure yet sure lady . Holder of the truth. Always holding the precious holiness of ONE . THe Lamb of God. He takes away the sin of the world . He heals the unlovable. He careth so much . Even died to show that love .

A plastic bag . God takes the gift and show something wild and wonderful . He heals and strengthens . He loves . He embraces . A little one. Always in his care . He demonstrates how the simple gift in love is beyond ordinary . Tis extraordinary .
Thank you .
Rach x


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