World Mental Health Day


We lamented together.

Words I noted twice today which struck a cord with me. Words both spoken on Radio 4, Daily Service, and then read inside the pages of her book.  Rachael Newham documents her story in ‘Learning to Breathe’. Her journey with mental illness.

We lamented together. The words began to do something inside of me. A recognition. Not rejection, not judgment, but an agreement to notice and join in the jog of life that sometimes aches deep, is slow and tired and other times a gentle run when the body’s rhythm change.

This blog post shares with you the words gleaned and insights gained from life because depression and anxiety alongside addiction has been observed and is being understood both in myself and those I have nurtured in its devastation.

Lament is a passionate expression. Feel it. Notice it. Do not be afraid of it.

The Psalms are used by all of us to give us words to articulate how we feel and what we want to say.

There is an assurance in a shared lament, when we walk with one another.

Scriptures says; let us rejoice with those who rejoice and lament with those who lament.

In Romans 12:15, The Amplified says,

Rejoice with those who rejoice, sharing others joy, and weep with those who weep sharing others grief.

It came to my attention this is not about pity or sympathy, but listening and coming alongside. Kindness.

This morning, World Mental Health Day, I listened to Radio 4 as Rachael spoke encouragement and comfort, as well as empowerment to those who listened.

Her words,

We are joined in the wait by the Holy Spirit.

How He is our chief and pure advocate and encourager.

Kindness makes a difference 

Inside us all is a little offering we can give to others. A way we can bring kindness to another. Share each others place of lament.

I attended a different pilates class one week and while others just looked at me as the stranger, one lady beckoned me and offered me a space next to her, a small kindness shown that made a big difference to me!

Perhaps as we share with others we need to be mindful of them as an entire person, not just how we look but the inside of us that is not seen and yet equally needing a smile and inclusion.

Christy Wimber at the Wholeness Conference this year stated,

Our job is to love, 

Gods role is to fix through the  Holy Spirit.

Our role is to offer kindness.


The words spoken by Doctor Kate Middleton written into my notebook at the Mind and Soul Foundation, Lead Well Conference, remind me that wellness matters. She describes this as thriving, flourishing and enabling.

If we are okay to acknowledge that we find stuff hard and show up for each other during our lament which life will offer us. It is in this place of vulnerability that we offer our honest faces together, upwards. Kingdom living is showing up for each other.

Reverend Will Van der Hart spoke at the Lead Well Conference encouraging our hearts as we live inside a tension of faith and the not yet of eternity.

When we long to be present, we need to be so with our imperfection and our right perspective of glory.

Will shared that we need to accept our limitations, welcome our uniqueness and lead out of our vulnerability.

Brene Brown, writes much about shame and vulnerability, there is so much we can read about this!

We fear because shame is painted with a big brush over many parts of our struggles anxiety is misunderstood, we recede.

Instead we need to blossom and flourish with our Hope and purpose set firmly on the joy gifted to us, both in the present and future.

Coming alongside, listening, sharing in the lament,  rejoicing, praying joy over each other.

Kindness makes a difference.

love Rach
Thank You
to Denise who encourage me to write this post so she could read it!
to Rachael for bravely writing your book, loved the last line!

Words That Stay

His truth over mine
His Mystery over mine
His Presence – His Peace
Juliet Barber

I sit with the words that stay. Spoken by our Pastor at the end of a year, I hold the words as if cupping them carefully inside my hands. Sifting them. Considering their deep impact and power. Words that seem like a prayer and a song and a summary. Words that echo truth. The sum of what God is saying into my heart. I write it out a thousand times. The words speak life and clarity.

September has its autumnal aspect about it now. The berries, the leaves turning and the schools returning. Change of seasons continually resonates with us as life is always changing around us and within us. For me, the change, the big high on the stress scale, a house move that happened in July!
A downsizing from an old 1906 to newer property, well 1970’s modern!
A challenge of changing perspective from classic to modern.
I’m embracing it with my pink look and modern pictures gifted by a friend. The process of settling, of course takes some time, but the transition has been made a joy through friends gathering sometimes just ones and twos. The unexpected amass of welcome to your home cards spilled through the letterbox!

I just love a card or letter through the door!

In the midst of the move and its ongoing process I took a backseat on the social media front! Deciding not to post daily.
Art is an expression of faith and a way to communicate, however it can be a pressured load and time to slow and listen is absolutely necessary.
I obtained a little book from which I will share an extract with you now.
Qualities of a spiritual warrior by Graham Cooke

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46
is the best advice you will ever receive on spiritual warfare.

Warriors revert to their inner place of practical stillness as a way of life before God. Warriors go into their place of refuge to discover God so that they may exit from the fortress of His presence to combat the enemy.
Life in the spirit is one of developing Godly routines.

On my iPhone I have a wallpaper which states, His Way Over mine
This is taken from a message given to us last December by Juliet Barber one of our pastors at Chroma Church.

Some words speak to my heart. The words I started this blog post with are those words.

His ways over mine. We use words that say the same thing. Words of songs that say a truth that inspires us aright.
It is well with my soul.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding..
I do not understand, but I believe in you.

Own words that stay. Inside you. Impact you. Speaking life over you.

In the journey of life I can see how I’ve fixated on a problem and while trusting in God I’ve focused less on the solution which is Jesus but I have tried to solve the issue. I’ve laboured with anxiety. Choosing worry over joy in the Lord.

His mystery over mine.

Recently I have read a book by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

He writes,
I am content not to understand, as a child of God bought with the blood of Christ, I will stand firm.

Words need to become personal. To hear from the source yourself. This is the place that strengthens and ensures you are focused and your life is joined with Christ.
The words here were whispered by the Holy Spirit into my heart this summer to encourage me and I hope they may encourage your heart too, the Fathers heart to mine and yours

Nothing will crush you, for your reliance is on me.


I write them over the unsplash photography. A picture of freedom. I place them on my iPhone offering a reminder to my soul. Words spoken over me by the beloved. The spirit and the bride say come.

Return again to the words that encourage you, to scripture that can live in you.

Psalm 61
Shoulder me to the rock above me.
You are my protection
You are my fortress.

You won’t be crushed, remember His truth over mine. His presence, His peace.

May the Holy Spirit come close and speak His words for you, into you.
In the mystery He speaks and always remains faithful. His way over mine.

Love Rach x


Hello and thank you for joining me in this belated rachnotes blog post. The aim is once a month. I missed my own deadline!

Although the script was written in time the move to a new home hindered the final edit and send button being pressed to publish.

It sounds so grand doesnt it! Publish! I resonated with another writer when she said that writing has a long list of benefits and this does not have to be a book. It is a great way to process thoughts. Clarify faith focus. Mindfullness. A way of stetching out your thinking, often bouncing off from a talk heard or a book read, I digress there. We are now moved in to our new space and boxes mostly unpacked. Just today I found my jugs scissors and took over the shed with a creative burst!


In the midst of our pelargonium stars and bursting dahlia’s we are enjoying a period of beautifully warm summer sunshine in the UK.

It was during the month of  June she considered the song sung in worship and its meaning.  Faithfulness – constant, dependability. Faithfullness to me is that ongoing reliance on the sustaining presence of God inside my life no matter the crisis or circumstance. His very breath is there.

2 Timothy 2:13

The Passion Translation

But even if we are faithless, he will still be full of faith, for he never wavers in his faithfulness to us.

Walking around these walls

I thought by now they’d fall

But You have never failed me yet

Waiting for change to come

Knowing the battle’s won

For You have never failed me yet

Your promise still stands

Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness

I’m still in Your hands

This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet

Elevation Worship

Faithfulness, it came to me, is the Fathers responsibility. Mine is to trust in Him who offers it freely. To me it offers a reliable presence. A profound care that covers me.

This realisation is one I’m mulling over.

I consider how I sing and know these words. Yet I don’t. Not fully grasping this dynamic truth. His faithfulness.

I love singing the lyrics above. How true, perhaps my confidence has been misplaced at times. Looking at another’s perspective or story. Unforced rhythms of grace has taught me that this is my story. Her slow and wild. The truth of it is like a discovery of the pearl. Searching. Uncovering it’s fragrance, it’s wonder. It’s divine working, that light that keeps shining brighter. It’s gonna get bright.

Hope colours the horizon.

Recently I’ve been understanding the power of lies.

The ones I subtly agree with. An oversight that can leave me with conversations inside my head that speak against the truths of faithfulness that the trinity of the godhead would have me believe.

It’s recognition is the first step into the way of truth.

Do you believe lies? Small whisper notes that instead of bringing life they bring diminished living.

When truth is revealed the lies I think about myself and ultimately God, bring a greater perspective of kingdom living into ones life.

For years I have read the Word in season and out. Yet missed the subtlety of living life under a judging rule, rather than of freedom.

It’s a journey.

Wrapped inside the unfolding are two things. Courage and faithfulness. Our courage to wait. His faithfulness that covers all things. Why fret we ask, when the words are framed for us in eternity. The courage is covered by His grace.

Today I wrote these words in my journal

As midway in the year of learning about slowly embracing discipline of paying attention. My tendency is to hurry. To slow hurts. Busy covers the needs inside me.


Slow brings me to a place of recognition.

To understand my own uniqueness.

To stand alone and not be frightened.

To be okay with not being a copy of someone else.

To be the person God created. His design.

Not to be favoured.

Not being compared.

Being loved for who I am.

As her slow and wild forms ripples of learning, of growing and risking writing her journey. She embraces its process knowing it is good. Inside it God is faithful.

Furthermore in my pencilled journey the words were scribbled

Be present, not fearful

Slow in order to listen

Slow enough to observe

Slow to pay attention to her own soul stuff

Slow to consider the next moment

Slow to remember you are seen by the triune God

There is this battle inside her. When feelings feel uncomfortable there is the fight to correct, erase, edit and even give up. The emotion feels so big it needs fixing now. In time the issues are sorted and settle themselves into a peaceful way forward. The inner struggle is considered as temporary although at the time there is a a deep pit to climb up from. Slowing and patiently trusting is not her art. This is the journey she takes. The remembering, the deep learning of One whose faithfulness never fails. She reads the quotes about continuum. She valued this. Even when the gut twists with unresolved outcome. In the end she knows the Holy Spirit over her and through her. In the overwhelming power of fixing the thing that’s being wrestled with she needs to slow. Pay attention. Let go. Quit trying to be the fixer and trust the Lord to do this thing, this part, this way of life. Trust completely in the faithfulness of her Father so hold everything beautifully.

She reads in Romans 8

For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, “You are God’s beloved child .

She know her trust is a slow work and faith will grow as she leans right in. Daily.

The slow work of pausing to listen.

Paying attention to what matters.

Embrace goodness.

Knowing You have never failed me yet.

Love Rach x


Mid-Year Reflection

The middle of the year, a reflection of where she is and where she’s journeyed, came to her as a good, profitable and mindful exercise to do.

Considering the words that brought her into 2018 and the inspiration to keep focused and settle her in the way ahead avoiding distractions of so many thoughts and purposes that look good.

Let’s reflect.

She gets distracted and then loses focus. Realignment of self worth. Discipline of owning a word for the year. She prints it out. A daily reminder of value and purpose. Without vision a person perishes.

She takes time. Breathe. Reflect. Focus.

It’s seemingly simple. Alignment of thought, holding only the necessary and letting go of clutter keeping a mind that can overthink from overwhelm.

Ephesians 2 says,

We have become his poetry.

Mid season, middle of the year. A time to reflect, observing where I have wandered off track and what is my goal for the remaining year ahead.

Some time ago I started a shed on my Pinterest page. Poetry of hands.

My aunt has just had her carpal tunnel operation. Her hand wrapped in a thick bandage. We sipped morning coffee chatting over the practicalities of life without the full use of her hand.

Hands, whether we use our mouth, feet or hands for the practical creative, they enable us to be gold for God.

It is a beautiful belonging, for which the cry of our hearts can find our deepest fullness. The ability to dance in rhythm with His grace. We are born of the creator, in His image to bear testimony to His goodness in our own unique creative space in this planet.

Hands are our creative spark.

It is when a newborn is held. It is when the paintbrush creates the masterpiece across the blank canvas. Applying diagnostic hands to assist the treatment. Hands do the work. Typing our way through the book or blog or very important exam or letter. Whipping up a beautiful meringue for the guests. Creating a garden. Planting parsley. Repairing the engine of a car or aeroplane. Writing the notes for the symphony of worship. Texting a friend. Writing an encouragement card. So many little ways in which the day functions through our hands.

Let’s us value the poetry placed into our hands, inside our hearts

Become. His poetry.

We have become. It is the beautiful becoming. We have been gifted with grace unending. Grace upon grace. We hold gifts in our hands. Our own poem. We become because our Saviour called us.

To be a poem. To offer our hands which essentially is giving our hearts.

Our sparkle of life is set aflame into glorious colours of Hope inside this becoming.

We often lose this perspective. Lose the imagination and wonder of it. The writer of the cosmos story wants to express Himself in us.

Gift our hands.

Open them out.

The right way to pray is to stretch out our hands and ask of one who we know has the heart of a Father. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Hands are part of our language, our expression. We talk with our hands. Perhaps our hands reveal our heart. Often anxious hands tap incessantly or writhe fidgeting on our lap. We share joy with our hands conveying excitement. We draw a friend into an embrace with our hands. Inviting another into our joy or comforting when sad.

We sip hot coffee, our hands round the mug, bringing the liquid to our lips. We savour the holding.

We share a language to the deaf world using our hands.

She calls it the poetry of hands.

Her becoming. Her slow and wild.

Recently I read this quote by Virginia Woolf. No need to hurry, no need to sparkle no need to be anyone but oneself.

The becoming is uncovering the shape of your soul, as Emily P Freeman writes. It’s time to uncover the shape of your soul, turn down the voice of the inner critic, and move into the world with the courage to be who you most deeply are.

May we offer our hands, our becoming into a creative glory that manifest truth always.


His Poem. Her slow and wild. The unforced rhythms of grace upon grace.

Reflect. Slow in the discipline of life.

Wild in her perseverance and courage to complete the race. Gaining for His glory. Ever discovering.

Reflect. Reminder. Refresh. Refocus.

#herfloralperspective The way she learns wonder in nature with friends who teach her the names of the wild woodland flowers. The way flowers tell her story, a beauty in a square offering a remembrance. She traces her steps through the floral border creating her images where words write themselves into her heart. His Words.

She strings them across her kitchen wall.

Her squares of remembrance.

Her Squares of Remembrance
rachnotes: Psalm 118

Midway thoughts. Realignment for influence and goal orientation. Inspiration for the ways ahead.

Be His poem. His poetry of hands. His Words. His art.

Influence others in living a power of freedom and truth that’s unique. The small miracles she discovers in her year of slow and wild. An adventure of learning.


The verse in Matthew 11 that captioned her words, slow and wild, the words that framed her journey full of grace and truth.

Come to me ….. learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

Mme Alfred Carriere rachnotes: Mme Alfred Carriere

Faith. AW Tozer writes, Faith looks out instead of in and the whole life falls into line.

Her slow and wild. Rooted in Faith –   ever learning inside her God given destiny.

Designed by Him.

Love Rach x


I live a narrative of joy

fullsizeoutput_125fShe reads her morning prayer, the one she scribbled down then typed onto white paper. Whispers quietly in the yet still dark. The truth inside her heart.

I live a narrative of joy.

It came to her then. Like a beautiful light inside her. The aspect she knew to be around her, within her.

Narrative of Joy.

Not just a nice hashtag but a story lived inside her.

How joy despite the anxiety and the ache of living. Yes! There is always joy.

A candle flickering in the darkness. A rainbow in the rain. A friend who journeys with you. The book that holds words that give you strength.

The joy is right there. As I breathe in the choice to choose courage not fear. In the tears of overwhelm.

Joy danced like light on a puddle. Reflecting wonder in seemingly ordinary things. Yet nothing is ordinary.

Finding joy. Living it. It is a gratefulness that lifts the soul. In Ephesians it says, ‘Gratitude is our dialect.’

In Colossians 1 it says,

hearts can soar with joyful gratitude when you think of how God made you worthy to receive the glorious inheritance freely given in the light.

Joy sparkles like the firework. Joy lives inside the burden of the day.

It came to her as she reads and whispers the prayer.

I live a narrative of joy.

Not bubbles and pretending.

It’s a deep, soul rooted childlike trust.

A way of living that does not diminish the tears she felt falling down her face. It acknowledges then the the feeling of it. Yet. Right alongside there’s the joy. Ever present. Never fading. Presence of a peace. The Shalom Shalom of her night time prayer she scribed.

She stops breathing at the wonder of it. Intakes a deep, long, breath at the Hope of it.

Joy takes her by the hand. Lifts her eyes from the anguish of heart. Sings it’s song anew. As the years grow inside of her she knows this joy is not transient. It’s present.

A gift bestowed. An oxygen. A peace. A perspective of the better part. Joy forever unfolding.

She remembers the words of scripture.

Who for the joy that was set before Him …

The fruit of the spirit is joy.

The joy of Psalm 23.

She has spoken this offering before. This early morning as light is rising in the sky. The sun taking its turn. She knows He gives her a gift. One that has shadowed her.  From where she stands she views the chromatic colour of joy.

A kaleidoscope.

Eternities Light.

Wonder at the snowflake, the uniqueness of the ice crystal. The reflection inside a muddy puddle, bringers of joy. The awesome uncontainable God Glory that brings His presence close!! Joy indeed!

It’s the deep working of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the much afraid inside her has been given a gift beyond her comprehension.

A perspective of joy.

Her narrative.

Her story.

Listen now as the birds sing their morning song. She prays for her dying friend. Sorrow is not a stranger. Inside her is brokenness. In others she finds it too. She is not afraid to journey alongside. Inside is always joy.

A joyous God fills the universe. Joy is the ultimate word describing God and [God’s] world. Creation was an act of joy, of delight in the goodness of what was done. It is precisely because God is like this, and because we can know that [God] is like this, that a life of full contentment is possible.

Dallas Willard (Life Without Lack)

It seems then this joy. It’s like a gift placed inside her upturned cupped hands. A constant discovery. A daily delight.

That Joy you hold in your cupped open hands. It is unlike a transient snowflake. Joy is incessant, for its founded in eternity.

A childlike awe, that place where gratitude grows. Never ending.

Her narrative of joy.

Her gift for her daily journey.

The Fathers gift to her.

She slowly mouths the words in the quietness of the morning hour.

Narrative of Joy.

Thank You. It’s her prayer that umbrellas her world.

Thank You.

Narrative of joy.

Joy dances then. Inside her brokenness is a healing.

The very wings that lift her up to keep going.

His gift.

Her narrative of joy.


Psalm 16:11 Amplified Bible

You will show me the path of life;

In Your presence is fullness of joy;

In Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

Brene Brown states,

I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude and inspirational faith.

Morning Prayer


Each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you
Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the alter and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.

Psalm 5

The Passion Translation

I sip my morning mug of tea
And bring myself to thee.

pause in His presence

I offer gratitude for the shield of grace and its unforced rhythms that gently help me walk into persevering.

Grateful for your goodness over my life.

Thank you …..

for your presence peace and comfort that is mine through the Holy Spirit.

For such love expressed through your Father heart for me.

For the cleansing redemptive work through Jesus my saviour.

Bring fresh revelation today.

Enable a right perspective to see what you you see.

Set my focus.

Keep me in love, power and sound mind.

pause in his presence

Thank You for making me in your image.

May i carry your beauty forever in my heartand let it spill out to those around me.

Let me slow enough to be with you.

Let me dream wildly enough to be brave in you. Together we pushback the pushback

I am your poetry. God, Yours is the glory.

I live a narrative of joy.


Unveil within me the limited riches of your glory.

May supernatural strength flood my innermost being.

Great is your faithfulness

keep me obedient to You.




As promised in Deeply Rooted  I  publish for  you a morning prayer and night time prayer.

I also wrote out a prayer for ‘others’, to incorporate those who I’m currently interceding for at this time.

Perhaps you can write your own. Let me know if you do.

Love Rach x

Night time prayer

Night-Time Prayer

Now because of you Lord, I will lie down in peace
and sleep comes at once,
no matter what happens I will live unafraid.

Thank you Lord for the day behind me and the night before me.

Keep me In the place of peace that passeth all understanding.

Keep me upholding godly boundaries.
Serving under your authority.

Any strongholds I give them to you and let go of the weight.

Keep my mind stayed on you, trusting in you.

Through the night watches bring my angel to protect me.

Be my rest.

And those who need you close tonight, whether through grief or aloneness or anguish of heart be close to them.

Be with me my shepherd and lover of my soul.



Scripture Reference; Psalm 4:8

Photography at the beginning of the prayer is unsplash, thank you.

Prayer for you as mentioned in Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted

She began reading from Psalm 1.

Slowly she took her eyes from line to line.  She halted there.  A place of tree roots and rivers.  Deeply Rooted.

She typed it out, letter by letter making it look pretty, then she could find it again.  Those words beautifully lettered.  She ponders them.

Deeply Rooted.  Slow like her word.  Wild like her journey.  It’s a Word in action.  It’s time.  Unhurried art.

The years are her art.  She folds them away.  Deep learning of curves and failing.  Of pain and devotion.

She has lived inside a lot of lies.  Her innocence belies her.

Another grief comes to her heart.  Not of loss.  It’s the lies that crush her daily.

The voices she believed.  She served too long.  She has a melody sung over her now.  The truth is going deeper.  Rooted.  Framed by the map of life.

She reads the words; Not fear but love, power and sound mind.

Love, power and sound mind.

She types it up into her Morning Prayer.  A kind of liturgy for March.  A declaration of truth, power and sound mind.

Another way the root of truth digs deeper into her heart.

She wants it there.

On repeat.

Her showing up matters.

Her prayers break heavens spaces because she’s His child.

He hears her.

He hears her.

Love, power and sound mind.

Thankful for the reminder.  Let us be encouraged to write and pray.  To find our story of joy.  Our narative.  Deeply rooted He holds us strong in Him for the world to see.

God Colours in all our uniqueness and holy manifestation of The One True Light.

Love, Power and Sound Mind.

She whispered the prayer she wrote to Him for the night watches.

She utters it slow.  Her doxology.

She is Deeply Rooted.

Tree Sturdy.  River flowing.

She rests now.

Truth singing its melody over her.

Daily it’s a decision to choose courage.  To pray the prayer of faith not fear.

May I encourage you to write a prayer of your own.  Affirming you in Gods Word.  Truths to declare.

Over the next few days I will publish my morning prayer and my night time prayer, for you.  Scripture spoken.  His word in us.

By writing your own, it roots you in the Word and searches your hearts desire.

It is a progressing, evolving pattern of listening and writing!

Love Rach x


Be Kind – Don’t Quit

I repeat the words over…

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.

Like a declaration.

An answered prayer.

The unforced rhythms of Gods grace, teaching me, I learn it. Know it, grace sung over me. It says forgiveness not condemnation. It says value not rebuke. It says love not fear. It says press on. Hold on. Always. You are upheld. Hear the truth of it. The power of it. I need it whispered often.

I hear the words like notes above my head, breathing out defeat. Breathing in the Hope and lover of my soul.

I can breathe again. Walking boots worn thin, winters bite against my chin. The Cherry pink of buds almost through the dark bare branches. Hope is always close. I breathe deep the resurrection song.


But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows,

peace that subdues,

patience that endures,

kindness in action,

a life full of virtue,

faith that prevails,

gentleness of heart, and

strength of spirit.

Galatians 5:22

The Passion Translation

I say it again, Be kind – Don’t Quit.

Be persistent. Be kind.

Perfect these goals.

To yourself.

To others.

Make a difference.

Don’t be afraid.

Smile at the next person you meet.

Press on at the next hurdle you come across in life. If it’s a daily struggle know the grace notes over you.

Believe in finding beautiful in your ordinary.

Capture it.

Breathe it.

Be kind.

Show it.


Keep going.

Delight in the pressing on.

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.


May the gentleness of heart


The strength of spirit

Grow in you

As you

Show kindness


may you know the deep resolve to

Press on.

Be Kind – Don’t Quit.

In your slow and wild days.

Love Rach x


Wells. Avon

Inspired by the daily prompts, I took up the challenge at the start of January  to write my 500 words for 31 days, emailed daily into my inbox by  Jeff Goins 

I chose to do one of those 31 days  as my blog post to share right here!

There have been so many times as I wrote  into the notebook that says, ‘written in the stars’ on the cover, where my pencil simply swept across the page as if I was in a timed exam!  Not because I felt pressure you understand, but because I just found so many words to put down on the particular subject!

If you like writing and would like an encouragement to do more then check it out!


We are at the beginning of a New Year and I am writing about endings!

I was caught up with the wide swing the word offers to my soul. Like a pendulum swinging from one side to another! From sadness to joy.

The door closes.  The End.

The hard work completed.  The End.

The story completed.  The End.

The sun sets. The End of a day.

The clock ticks, ending a minute, five minutes an hour. Our moments End.

Children’s stories, as I remember in my early years of reading Enid Blyton, the last page concluded with a final paragraph and the words ‘The End’ almost a signing off.

The finish.

There are many endings in life.  There are endings of relationships through loss and through letting go of friendships and places and all the small things in-between.

Sometimes the end comes at the completion of the exam paper! Such relief!

Sometimes the end comes for another bringing a different way ahead for you.

We can feel the exhuberance of joy and be overwhelmed with sadness.

How do we handle our endings well?

I consider this now and wonder how do we move certain into a narrative of joy.

We are exhorted to, rejoice always.

There is an element of embracing our now.

He is our very present help….

The beauty of now is that we can live a successful valuable life inside our narrative of joy because we lean on a rock, jump off from a sure place, take the step.  Keep on keeping on.

Identity.  Where do we find it.  Where is our peace sourced.  This answer enables us to discover how we can end well.  Do we find our identity in food, people, places, stuff, the affirmation of others.  I could easily lean into all these things!

I discovered afresh how we are a poem.  Ephesians 2.  The essence of who we are comes from the creator. When we lean into the other things in life and not into the creator we lose who we really are.  The poetry we write loses the purity of perfect love with which we need to write most effectively with.  We relearn how best to write our poetry into the world.  Getting back to our identity, our endings offer a significant meaning and we are resourced with a love that comforts, strengthens and teaches us always.

We achieve our best endings when we embrace our unique identity.  We do this by trusting God absolutely.

You will find joy.  Just look.  Your endings can bring joy inside them.  Lean in and trust. Find Hope.  Tall as you are.  Even in your endings.

It is perhaps in our yearning and setting our minds perspective that we can work through the darkness of some of our endings.  We can embrace the truth and disown the lies.

Through my life I’ve embraced endings with the full embodiment of the highly sensitive! Feeling every small stone in my shoe, so to speak!  Dip at the loss of friendship.  Struggle over change and how I mourn over the ending.  One cannot bypass the feeling and the struggle, for right inside that is the building up of strength and tenacity to endure. Folding gratitude into your mix there is a recipe for waking up in your morning to meet joy.

In the places where your heart is broken inside you, where the shattered needs mending because your ending is hard. We hone into building resilience into ourselves and sharing those tools with others.

At the time of writing this I noticed it was my grandmothers birthday.  She passed away when my son was born, many years ago.  I remember her poise.  Her resilience.  Her strength as she dealt with her many endings.  Grief as her son died at 21.  War time.  A life’s unfair challenge, change of home and life style.  Living life alone, being widowed young.  We learn so often from observing others.  We are modelled to and in turn model for others.  My grandmother kept going, she held on to her focus in life, her faith.  She kept in community.

I continue to be inspired by others who display the truth and act them out in love.

Endings.  Drinking a mug of hot coffee.  The brown liquid finds its way through your lips. You’ve enjoyed the drink.  It has an end.

Take a swing in your local park.  Walk away.  The experience has ended.

Close the contract on your job and walk away.  The end of a pay packet and a closure on that part of your life.

Does anything endure.

There is One who offers a hand to you in life.  Who brings an eternal viewpoint. One who says, ‘I’ll hang out with you always.’

The assurance is to know our endings have a bedrock.  Our God offer us his love to help us endure.  He gifts us with an identity and purpose that figures out the complexity of endings that may break us.

Like my Grandmother before me who offered an example, a strength, to live by.  So we also can bring our endings good and bad into a dynamic daily meaningful journey.  We choose.  Sharing then the tool bag or resource to assist ourselves and others along the journey.  Live it well.  Ever learning the unforced rhythms of grace in your unique slow and wonderfully wild life.


May the journey we all take this year be one that enables us to slow a little and embrace our endings well.

May we know the love of our Father God that strengthens us in power and keeps re-filling us with hope through all our endings in life.

May we have courage to find the wild and couragous inside ourselves trying a new way that is our uniqueness and beautiful identity.

May each new day and each ending of the same bring gratitude. At  each sunrise and setting bring love into the daily mix of living.

Romans 5:13

May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Clifton Bridge. Bristol in January